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  1. Apologize if this is not the right place to post; but was wondering if there are any Master's students of Pharmacology at UBC willing to send me a PM, I just had a few questions and any guidance would be appreciated
  2. Hi all, looking for advice what to do after getting served a nice amount of rejections from all Ontario schools (IP). Stats are as follows cGPA = ~3.85+ 1st year = ~3.70 2nd year and 3rd year= ~3.95 4th year (in progress) = ~3.85-3.90 MCAT = 129/126/129/129 ECs: decent, nothing extraordinary - some research, leadership, some jobs, some volunteering since starting university, some exec positions for a few clubs. Unsure as to whether I should come back for a 5th year (don't think it'll do much for my GPA), start a Masters (and if so I'm lost as to what I wanna do), or move to go spend some time with family in Western Canada and try and find a job.