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  1. Someone posted that they received an invite for April 7th
  2. Apparently some people have received rejections already but seems like the big wave of rejection is yet to happen.
  3. Yes you're right. I'm just being obsessive
  4. I think the last two years, a wave of rejections was sent out March 7th and then a wave of acceptances on March 8th followed by another wave of rejections on March 13th and a wave of acceptances on March 14th with a final wave of rejections on March 16th (Yes, I am neurotic, haha)...Maybe it was the same this year and people are not posting but forum seems unusually quiet this year...Feels like UofT will be sending out 2000 rejections today and them saying 'If you haven't heard, keep your head up' is honestly killing me. I'd mentally accepted a rejection and now I can feel a glimper of hope no matter how hard I'm trying to suppress it
  5. U of T forgot about us.... Wonder what is causing all the delay this year...don't they normally have a wave of acceptances and rejections first and second week of March? There's been very little activity this March (at least based on this forum)
  6. Oh lord...haha I am trying so so so hard to have realistic expectations right now...I really really don't want to get my hopes up...
  7. I wrote an AEE and haven't heard back. I wish they'd just reject me already...my heart jumps every time I get an email
  8. hiyayosup

    Class Size?

  9. hiyayosup

    Class Size?

    Damn...even worse odds than I originally thought Haha my apologies -- like I said I don't know much about QuARMS...I should probably stop speculating lol
  10. hiyayosup

    Class Size?

    Maybe they are finding that entering medicine without any prior exposure to university life is a negative and not producing the best doctors? Not sure though, could be something more trivial
  11. At this point, feels like most invites are out, with the exception of April 7th maybe. I have a feeling tomorrow will be a massive wave of rejections. I will get the tissues ready...
  12. hiyayosup

    Class Size?

    ^ That's a welcome change! Always felt QuARMS was unfair
  13. hiyayosup

    Class Size?

    Thanks for pointing that out! TBH I'm not totally sure how QuARMS works so that is useful to know. I guess I'm trying to determine how many spots there are for applicants who take the traditional route...90 I'm assuming...
  14. hiyayosup

    Class Size?

    Ahhh that makes sense! Thank you for the clarification
  15. hiyayosup

    Class Size?

    I'd like to confirm that the Queen's class size is 100 domestic students (10 of whom are QuARMS) and 5 international students? Is this correct? I tried to search the forum and noticed a few differing responses. Thank you in advance.