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  1. Perfectly normal to give them a call. I’m sure the 10 applicants on waitlist calling to see what’s up will really shut down their telephone lines! Lol In previous years the office would disclose information about waitlist position around this time in certain cases.
  2. Someone posted in the Facebook group having gotten off of waitlist today and hiyayosup got in on Monday. Sooo how are they releasing this, several splashes rather than a wave it seems
  3. They've trained the admissions office in motivational speaking. oh my
  4. “Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” Aristotle
  5. Why would that be offensive? I would love to go to Queens and I'm not offended at all. OP obviously has family and friends / a life in BC and not being excited to move to a completely different environment / province is a very valid emotion.
  6. My guess is most of us will hear back sometime in the next few months.
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