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  1. Hey guys, has anyone been able to sign up for the Part 2 of the BLS Interim course in Ottawa?? I cannot find any in Ottawa and I'm moving there this weekend!
  2. What do you mean by Western is big on surgery? Like a lot of their grads match into surgery? Or that their surgery residencies are good programs?
  3. Does anyone know if it's possible to contact Chantal through phone instead of e-mail?
  4. Sorry for the confusion, my waitlist email was created at 7:39 am and my acceptance off of the waitlist email was after 11:47 am! Hope I didn't add any unnecessary stress ahhh my bad if my post was confusing!!
  5. I got it a bit after 11:47! It seems to be rolling, I hope this helps
  6. Got off the waitlist guys! My gpa is 3.95 and my waitlist email was created at 7:39 am. This thread has been so instrumental in keeping me sane, I cannot believe the amount of support we have provided for each other through the interwebz. I love you guys T_T I hope you all get in <3
  7. I think it's a continuation as well because if it was a new bin then 7:39 am people should have 4.0 GPAs but people seem to be around 3.95 GPAs, which makes sense because the people at 7:37 am have 3.97-3.96 GPAs.
  8. If med doesn't work out then y'all should work for the FBI. Neuroticism does amazing things sometimes
  9. Your references will most certainly not hate you The fact that you got an interview is an amazing accomplishment on its own, and I am sure they will support you because you're SO close! You even got good waitlisted! And you never know about this year either, it's way too early to tell... don't give up!
  10. They might not be admins but just members in the group? I’m not sure as I’m not in the group but this could be a possibility (and have our hopes up a little bit more)
  11. Another point that might impact waitlist this year: Ottawa was the only school that was able to complete its interviews. This means it was the only school that interviewees were able to actually go on a tour & orientation for, talk to the current med students face to face and have their questions answered. Therefore more people might choose Ottawa over other schools because they were able to get a feel for the school whereas they wouldn’t be able to do that for schools where the interview was either cancelled or online. Sorry if I’m freaking other waitlisters out
  12. If you read the email it says in the English stream the top 116 students have been given offers.
  13. I heard somewhere that this year they are being stricter about only letting in people who are actually part of the 2024 class. So it might be different than last year. Or am I just turning neurotic? Idk anymore LOL
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