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  1. I didn't have any acting stations thank goodness
  2. both scenario based and personal questions
  3. I did it today, wasn’t horrible but I don’t think I did well got super stressed and think I screwed up 2 stations completely
  4. I was wondering if anyone that has written the CAP for U of T PT could share their experience ? Is there something specific I should do to prepare?
  5. Hey everyone! Applied: U of T, McMaster, Queens, Western (all PT) and U of T and McMaster (OT)Accepted: Waitlisted:Rejected:GPA: sGPA- 3.94 Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: currently in fourth year Kinesiology, volunteered at a hospital and in the outpatient rehab clinic (approximately 70 hours total), shadowed three different physiotherapists in private practice (approximately 45-50 hours combined), coached youth soccer (80 hours), volunteered with seniors in my community church (300 hours), one of my references was from a University professor and the second from my hospital volunteer supervisor Honestly, I don't think my application is competitive enough compared to some other people's PT and research experience that I've seen on this forum
  6. Thank you for replying!! All my volunteer experience is on my third page so I hope they don’t stop reading after the second one not much I can do now though... PT is my first choice anyway
  7. Hey guys! So I applied to PT and OT and I just realized that I made a mistake when sending in my resume for U of T OT... their website says it should be no longer than 2 pages but mine was 3.... I don’t know how but I completely missed this. Just wondering, how much do you think it’ll impact my application? My sGPA is 3.94 and I have a lot of volunteer experience listed on my resume
  8. Have people gotten invitations yet? I know they said by the end of this week but I was wondering if anyone has received one.