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  1. Hey everyone, Thanks for your replies and different perspectives! I understand that they aren't acting in a discriminatory way, rather, they just have very strict scheduling that applies to everyone, no exceptions. I wanted to express that I made my comment out of frustration, because I felt like wow this is so amazing that they are offering me an interview, but it is also very hard for me to attend for my religious reasons... and like the rest of you this is something I've always dreamed about, so it was quite a bummer to get that news. I actually was making the comment almost facetiously and definitely didn't intend to make a charged comment (however, I understand if it came out that way and I could have been more careful). I would like to inform you guys a bit about the situation just to ensure there is no confusion. It would be quite difficult for me to attend the interview because I observe the Sabbath, which has strict guidelines about what one can and cannot do on Saturday (e.g. using electronic devices, writing, driving etc. is not permissible on the Sabbath). It is not just services that I would be missing, it is much more complex than that! I agree that this may not be "discrimination", but it is definitely preventing me from having equal access to an opportunity (or at least making it much harder for me to have that same level of access). I do think that, like McMaster, med schools could be a bit more sensitive to the fact that both Saturdays and Sundays are religious days for some people and/or that people might have other long-standing commitments well in advance of being informed of an interview. Maybe (just a suggestion) they could act pre-emptively and ask the entire pool of applicants if for some reason they cannot make a certain interview date for legitimate reasons and then plan accordingly (like Mac does). I just think this demonstrates respect for all applicants with legitimate limitations. This would definitely make for an interesting MMI station Goodluck to everyone, I appreciate the comments, and I'm sorry if other people are having scheduling difficulty as well!
  2. Hey jumping on this as well! For religious reasons I cannot attend the March 2nd interview, but they said they cannot offer me anything else... even though I kind of feel like it's religious discrimination. Anyways, if anyone would be willing to switch with me, I'd be soo sooo appreciative!! (again mine is March 2nd)
  3. Hi everyone, I just got an interview off the waitlist which is super exciting! The only catch is that Queen's offered me an interview on Saturday March 2nd and I observe the Sabbath (and therefore it's super tricky for me attend). They don't seem to be willing to accommodate me for this. I know this is a super unconventional question, but I was wondering if anyone would be willing to switch their Sunday slot for my Saturday slot. Queen's implied that they would honour this. Please consider helping a brother out and let me know... I'd be forever grateful!!!! Thank you!
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