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  1. Here's my take on improvement Proper life balance: Trying to "brute force/shove" information into your brain is incredibly inefficient. Best analogy I've heard was that the brain is just like training a muscle. If you want to train it, you have to do it consistently over a long period of time in small bits. Give yourself tons of brain breaks by volunteering/playing a sport/socializing; this way, you'll always be studying at peak performance! Finding a study strategy that suits you I tried a bunch of things in first term; finally ended up settling on a pretty simple method. Review/rewrite notes after every lecture at the end of the day > a week before any examination, I'll compile a massive word doc in which I reword all my notes (this is not simply typing out notes; I'm actually slowly thinking of how I could connect concepts every step along the way) > 2/3 days before an exam, I'll get together with friends and tackle concepts we found challenging/point out as many small details that could be testable > day before an exam, I'll just take the day to reflect on everything
  2. Congratulations to everyone receiving their interview offers! Mind sharing your GPA's/extracurriculars?
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