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  1. Manitoba is mostly white. Take a look at this dated but still relevant data: Manitoba Demographics At the 2006 census, the ethnic composition of Manitoba was 69.9% white, 13.08% visible minority groups and 17% Aboriginal (11% First Nations, 6.5% Metis). The visible minority groups included: Filipino: 5% South Asian: 2.2% Black: 1.7% Chinese: 1.5% Latin American: 0.8% Southeast Asian: 0.7% Arab: 0.3% Korean: 0.3% West Asian: 0.2% Japanese: 0.2% The most common ethnic origins in Manitoba are: English: 22.1% German: 19.1% Scottish: 18.5% Canadian: 18.2% Ukrainian: 14.7% Irish: 13.4% French: 13.1% North American Indian: 10.6% Polish: 7.3% Metis: 6.4% Dutch: 4.9% Russian: 4.0% Icelandic: 2.7%
  2. Thank you Bambi. I will take that into consideration.
  3. What is wrong with playing video games? There's another thread talking about putting video games on the ABS.
  4. Timestamp: 1:45 March 14 Accepted OOP GPA: 3.9 MCAT: 515 ECs: diverse Interview: felt great Deposit paid but may withdraw in two months... we will see. Curious who else is in my position
  5. Yes. I'm not discouraging you from using them. They are genuine and unique but don't overwhelm your application with them. It's unfortunate but the standard premed applicant and activities still works and that's what gets them in. Your activities seem interesting and make you human.
  6. The opinions of the people here will be different from the opinions of the admissions committee. Be aware that your hobbies are in a realm that few have any expertise in and so they will judge it based on their personal experiences and knowledge. That being said, I'd imagine the public and academics do not hold a positive image of gamers. I know how awesome and legitimate eSports can be but I am not the admissions committee. This is about you so highlighting your accomplishments is important and it will be up to admissions to decide if gaming is more impressive than the traditional premed items.
  7. But the raw scores have a strong correlation with Z-scores. Z-scores mean how far you are from the statistical mean. The higher your percentile, the higher you are on the wait-list ranking. So if your score is 75 and another person has a 75, they would have to see how their percentiles compare. This is similar to the MCAT where there are four sections and they add up to a score out of 528. The 528 is 100 percentile. A 500 is 50 percentile whether you have a 132 cars or not. This is why it's not responsible to say that it's based on Z-scores and not raw scores because they have a strong correlation. Where the Z-scores are different from raw scores is because the sections have varying weights: academic score, non-academics, and interview.
  8. Are we packing it up for today? See you all tomorrow same time, same place?
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