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  1. I couldn’t say for sure, but my acceptance letter says we have 14 days to accept. So I’m assuming there should be movement after the 28th of May. Best of luck!!
  2. AcceptMePlz123

    OT University of Manitoba

    I haven’t started the program yet. But I got accepted with a 4 yr Bsc (hons), GPA of 4.0, and work experience with adults living with disabilities. I found everyone very friendly at the interview. I applied only to U of M because I’m in province and I want to stay in Manitoba.
  3. No, just U of M. I am an In province applicant.
  4. Got into the U of M OT as well!!
  5. Thanks, I got a rejection email. It said decision made and when I logged in to the self-service centre there was a letter of regrets saying they couldn’t offer me an interview. You must be on a wait list or maybe it’s in your junk mail. Either way there’s still hope for you!!
  6. Lol I’m not a troll! I’m just new to this forum and I’m terrible with usernames lmao! I only applied to the U of M, and no I didn’t really have any doubts that I’d get an interview but I still couldn’t believe it and I’m very excited! I wish the best of luck to you in your applications!
  7. I just got my invite!! Occupational Therapy, U of M GPA 4.00 IP with 4yr Hons
  8. Congrats! I got my rejection letter today. In province, 4yr (honours), GPA 4.00
  9. Haven’t heard anything yet. I’m assuming it will be by email.