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  1. I couldn’t say for sure, but my acceptance letter says we have 14 days to accept. So I’m assuming there should be movement after the 28th of May. Best of luck!!
  2. I haven’t started the program yet. But I got accepted with a 4 yr Bsc (hons), GPA of 4.0, and work experience with adults living with disabilities. I found everyone very friendly at the interview. I applied only to U of M because I’m in province and I want to stay in Manitoba.
  3. Thanks, I got a rejection email. It said decision made and when I logged in to the self-service centre there was a letter of regrets saying they couldn’t offer me an interview. You must be on a wait list or maybe it’s in your junk mail. Either way there’s still hope for you!!
  4. Lol I’m not a troll! I’m just new to this forum and I’m terrible with usernames lmao! I only applied to the U of M, and no I didn’t really have any doubts that I’d get an interview but I still couldn’t believe it and I’m very excited! I wish the best of luck to you in your applications!
  5. I just got my invite!! Occupational Therapy, U of M GPA 4.00 IP with 4yr Hons
  6. Congrats! I got my rejection letter today. In province, 4yr (honours), GPA 4.00
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