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  1. Hello, As an incoming medical student I am starting to think about my plans and future for the next 4 years. I understand the importance of figuring out what you want to do as early as possible seeing how competitive residencies are getting. My question is - how do you figure it out?!? I know there are classical starting points like medicine vs. surgery, but how does one even know without having seen these specialities first hand? I know most of the learning will come within the hospitals but are there any resources or tips out there to help start my search? Does shadowing really help narrow things down and if so, is it easy to shadow in medical school?
  2. I too recently declined my offer here in favour of another school - stay optimistic. Good luck!
  3. Do these numbers tend to fluctuate year-to-year or do they reflect certain programs?
  4. if you are lucky enough to have more than 1 offer, what do you guys recommend taking into consideration when picking?
  5. I'd also like to know about these schools. I can't find like a 'typical week' for either program
  6. Now that all the interviews are done (other than MEDP) I wonder why it takes 1 month to get back to us? I know its not that long but what could they possibly be doing in this time?
  7. Wondering if evaluators have a sense of our background at the interview?
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