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  1. FYI I am a non-traditional student who has been employed in the past to hold interview development courses for working professionals. Interview skills can be developed just like any other skill. You don't need inside information to become a good interviewee Best of luck in your medical journey.
  2. Providing targeted advice and one-on-one training is time-consuming and involves hard work on my part, as I take it very seriously. That is why I charge a fee (albeit much, much lower than what a large prep company would charge). As someone who couldn't afford help from prep companies, I found it very useful and more financially-friendly to seek out help from med students. I appreciate everyone's different perspectives; however, I stand firm that I am offering a quality, ethically-sound service, for an affordable price! No, I am not making the playing field 100% fair, but I don't think anyone is in the position to do that.
  3. Yes, I did remove a sentence in my original post, which stated that I have noticed "broad similarities in many successful applications". Obviously, it is through noting these similarities that I am able to give advice as to academic/extracurricular planning. I certainly do not have any "inside" information, nor do I claim to be disseminating confidential information related to the application process. I decided to delete that sentence from my original post, as it seems that it may be a sensitive subject for some people. However, please consider that many applicants have significant unfair advantages by having doctors in the family, growing up with physician mentors, etc. I am just trying to level the playing field for those people who need the extra help...
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