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  1. One of the best equipment is mac book laptop we can edit our files.
  2. Mansi@30

    Waterloo School of Optometry

    Thanks for sharing your valuable answer to me. It would be needful to me
  3. I think this group is only for sharing skills and solving elaborate issues.
  4. Mansi@30

    Why is everyone here French?

    could you please explain your question..?
  5. Mansi@30

    Chance me

    Thanks for your valuable suggestion. It would be helpful to me.
  6. Mansi@30

    Studying for mcat with limited time?

    The earlier you sit for the MCAT, the better off you'll be. The field of applicants grows more crowded as the admissions season advances. Even if you complete everything else for your application early, the vast majority of medical schools will not closely consider your candidacy until they have a copy of your MCAT scores.
  7. Mansi@30

    Virtual Patient

    Thanks for sharing it. You have shared these links. It will be helpful to us.
  8. Mansi@30

    How to research

    Its all depend on your subject. What you want to research and you can take a lot of information through the reviews.