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  1. could you also please link me to the blog post? Im having trouble finding it
  2. everyone that's interviewed or every applicant to the program?
  3. I called them up recently and they said they have strict cut offs after which your extra-curriculars/references decide whether you're interviewed or not. So its possible that the cuts off is lower if at least one person has been interviewed with that MCAT
  4. I think it might be a good idea to call the office and ask them directly. I'm sorry this must be so difficult for you
  5. Can people who are getting off the waitlist please help us out and post their stats whenever convenient? Just so we can try and predict where the rest of us still waiting are ranked on the list ?
  6. So exhausted. I don’t know how to feel anymore.
  7. These posts are what’s keeping me going right now lol
  8. I’m not certain but I think people have matched into VFMP in the second round of offers at least. Might be harder for subsequent rounds. But about 89% of the class gets their first site preference.
  9. Thank you everyone. I’m looking at the blog and it seems that the results might be announced on May 28 as historically for the past three years they have been announced on the second day. Not completely sure, however.
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