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  1. https://www.ualberta.ca/school-of-dentistry/programs-and-admissions/dentistry/doctor-of-dental-surgery-dds Under the cost and fees section is where they list the other fees including equipment. I was also accepted by both UofA and UofT, and ultimately decided to go with UofT. If UofA tuition was actually only 20k, I probably would have chosen UofA instead haha.
  2. UofA tuition is definitely less but when it’s all said and done, it’s 40k at UA vs 50k at UT with the equipment fee and whatnot included.
  3. That’s super unfortunate, one of the reasons I applied to UofT and not UWO is because of all the personal statements and such. Good luck with preparing for them!
  4. Best bet is to email the admissions office I’m guessing. I applied for the 2019 sep cycle and was accepted, but don’t remember seeing that. It might be something new :/
  5. I had 20/19/21 (AA/PAT/RC) and got a UofT offer this year as OOP student, so it’s definitely possible with that Dat score!
  6. I believe UofT drops your lowest year if you apply in your fourth year. Also, you should sign up for the upcoming DAT! Even if you are discouraged, every Canadian dental school requires DAT scores so it’s best to start early and see what you need to work on for your next two years
  7. I got into UofT with similar DAT scores but my GPA is around ~3.95 so it might be worth retaking or improving your GPA slightly if possible?
  8. Think we all need to back off a bit here. OP for sure could’ve done more research but DAT Bootcamp also did seem to miss their mark on this one. As an company that advertises to the Canadian market and have a page dedicated to explaining the difference , they should’ve included this for sure. OP, you wrote the Feb DAT right? So you can still write the November one and have it count for the 2020 application cycle in case this score is less than ideal.
  9. That’s definitely true, it just a bit iffy for me personally seeing a not top tier Canadian school differentiating Canadian students and charging OOP as high as 70k.
  10. That’s why some applicants I know are not even going to bother with the interview. A lower ranking dental school (relative in canada) charging 20k more than UofT, just rofl...
  11. Also does this mean they have to receive the slip + check by March 8? Or the mail has to be dated before then? With the postal strike I’m a little worried...
  12. I saw in the acceptance letter something about a laptop program, can anyone whose currently going there offer some insight?
  13. Accepted :D OOP cGPA: 3.91 AA: 20, PAT: 19 interview: I thought Q1 didn’t go well, Q2 was decent, Q3 unsure
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