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  1. there's a "big list" of panel (traditional interview) questions, as well as some great tips attached to the post here
  2. A passport should suffice! In the interview package, it says that either a passport or a driver's license (bearing your photo on it) should be good
  3. I'm also planning on leaving from Toronto! I'm probably going to plan a bit more concretely after the interview package is sent out, but at this point in time I think I'll most likely be taking VIA Rail..... really gotta figure that out lol Like the other commenter, I also plan on arriving the night before, and I'll most likely stay in a hotel or Airbnb to get a good night's sleep I also think it'd be best to sleep in Ottawa the night before (if you are able to) since even in addition to getting adequate sleep, I feel like it could be a lot less stressful already being there and ready to go on the day of your interview! Best wishes to you for your interview as well!!
  4. Invite/Rejection: invite Time Stamp: 3:15 pm (est) Location: IP Stream: english cGPA/wGPA: wGPA is 3.87 (!!!!!! really wasn't expecting an invite at all....... i'm in disbelief) not sure about cGPA calculation but definitely much lower Current year: 5th year overall, 4th year of my current program (UG) ECs: some research but no pubs, rest is pretty varied but nothing that stands out imo Casper (general thoughts): honestly didn't feel too great about it :/ i practiced for a couple days but when it came down to it i felt like a lot of my answers fell kinda flat? i'm so shocked and feel so blessed tbh..... congratulations to everyone who got an interview and for the people who didn't get one, ily all and hope you get good news from another school this cycle <3
  5. I'm really sorry to hear about the tough times you've been through I believe in you and I'm so happy to hear that you're going to focus more on taking care of yourself, that's definitely the most important thing! In my second year, I switched from a totally different program to the one that I'm in now and I am SO happy I did it. I was really sad in my old program, and switching to something I enjoy more made such a difference in my grades -- I don't regret it one bit This made a fifth year necessary for me as well (I'm in my fifth year right now) but I think it's totally worth it, and taking an extra year is helping me GPA-wise (fingers crossed I don't screw up in my last semester right now though lol ) Also, as the commenter above me said, I don't think this could negatively affect your application at all! From what I know about med applications, they pretty much disregard your major and just look at grades/ECs/casper/whatever else is relevant, so no worries there
  6. Super happy to hear that!! All the best for your applications
  7. I honestly have no idea I think the best thing would be to contact OMSAS directly, since you're in a pretty unique situation and I'm not sure if anyone here would be able to give you an informed/correct answer Fingers crossed that everything is okay!
  8. thank you so much for the insight! did you use any other materials to prep besides casper? or do you have any other tips
  9. this is super helpful, thank you so much!! congrats on the UBC acceptance btw!!
  10. it doesn't count as an attempt, and schools wouldn't be able to know either! they won't see anything about there being "no attempt"
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