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  1. i think it's still possible for that to happen!! i'm guessing they just send the "class full" email when it fills up at first so it helps people plan out their upcoming year with a little more certainty (since class movement after this point is probably only 1-2 people at most, i would guess)
  2. just got the "class full" email too!! everyone in this thread is incredible and i really wish you guys all the best for the future :') this whole waiting process was pretty taxing ngl but the support here made it so much easier so tysm to everyone for that
  3. OH MY GOD CONGRATS!!!!! so happy for you
  4. i have a similar time too and my interview was on the last day as well!
  5. they use the weighted gpa as long as you have the required full-time course load (normally 5 courses, but 4 courses is allowed if you have summer courses or extra courses in other years -- you can see more about it here)
  6. it's no problem at all!!! and you can definitely do it in the year you're applying! i personally just finished my biochem prerequisite like two weeks ago and i applied this cycle you just need to have your prerequisites completed by june 30 in the year that you would be matriculating!
  7. i don't have any firsthand experience with the university, but on this forum i've seen that people have often taken online courses for uottawa prerequisites at Athabasca University (i'm guessing it would be this for orgo 1 and this for orgo 2) there may be other universities that are offering orgo online right now so you could maybe cross-register with them?
  8. Stream (EN/FR): ENTime You Received E-mail: 7:47"Created" Time: 7:46:56wGPA: 3.87 "good" waitlist but pretty sure i'm at the bottom of it given my email creation time and wGPA so not feeling hopeful at all haha best of luck everyone!!
  9. waitlisted! i can’t figure out how to tell the time the email was sent from the outlook app on my phone lol so i’ll update later if i ever do congrats to everyone that received an offer!!!
  10. gonna attempt to sleep too..... fingers crossed for everyone here!!! praying you all get good news even with all of this button confusion going on
  11. RIGHTTTT i feel like everyone has the button hahaha
  12. no offer + no button for me :///// yikessss
  13. SUUUUUPER DUPER happy for you!!!!!! congrats!!!!
  14. i've been looking through the waitlist support threads from previous cycles (i'm freaking out and mentally preparing myself too ahh ) and i think admissions sends an email out to the interviewees (or maybe just the people still on the waiting list?) when the class is officially full! i think the most waitlist movement is from late may to early june after mostly everyone has confirmed their offers on omsas, but i'm guessing someone could theoretically get off the waitlist all the way up until right before classes start if a person who confirmed their offer decides to not go anymore last minute
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