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  1. Nope, they don't have to but I guess if you ask they will!
  2. They don't reply to confirmation emails for interviews. It's frustrating but as long as you responded, you're good to go! Make sure you join the FB group for updates. Congrats!
  3. Status: IP Accepted on 3rd try Timestamp: 11:22 GPA: 3.2 undergrad, 4.0 grad with pending publications MCAT: 504 My stats are on the lower side but I have a strong and steady trajectory and a high master's. I also have a lot of EC and felt really good about my interview. I am getting a bit of imposter syndrome writing this, but want it to be here for anyone who is in the same position that I was. Don't give up! You'll get there.
  4. Me as well! There was a potential risk a few weeks ago but nothing I’ve heard of recently.
  5. I don’t think there’s an exact day of the week but I think it’s generally been earlier in the week?
  6. I think the change from February to March was because the SJT was officially added as part of the admissions process. The 2021s took it as the trial test. Who knows!
  7. That's understandable, just strange given that they announced a date on their website last year. I'm thinking it won't be today, usually you would hear something by now or there would be changes to the facebook group. Buttttttt I'm probably going to be refreshing my email all day anyways
  8. The Facebook group is made which generally means the announcements will go out soon (in the next few days or week). But they sent the interview invites over a weird period of time compared to previous years, so I’m not sure if the usually cues mean the same things this time around!!
  9. I haven't heard anything but if nothing has gone out yet then it's probably not today.
  10. I know! Everything is so quiet this year... I don't know what to do with myself now that March is actually here. I think it will be next week but I'm only basing that on gut feeling and the fact that it was the same time last year. Good luck you guys! We've waited this long, we can handle a few more days!
  11. I think they do it for clarification and/or random checking, but they definitely don't do it for every applicant.
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