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  1. Any updates on waitlist? Anyone considering dropping a seat or know of someone who may?
  2. Dental education itself is very comparable across all Canadian schools. There isn't a particular school that prepares students to be more competent than graduates from another school. An issue I would highly consider is the cost of tuition between the two schools you have mentioned.
  3. I found out I got one too. It was automatically directed to my junk folder
  4. Same here. I checked student centre, personal email, and uwo's email. No signs of invite or reject. Where are people looking up their results?
  5. Did anyone receive a confirmation email after they have accepted their invite to the interview?I emailed them on two occasions and the office still hasn't gotten back to me.
  6. OOP Result: Invite Questions: 1) Is there anyone from these forums who have attended or currently attending UofS? 2) Anyone know about the schedule of the interview day? 3) Anyone know about the structure of the MMI? How many stations?
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