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  1. i'm most likely passing my nclex-rn on the first try coming up shortly.... and i have an RPN job currently --> to transition into an RN position isn't a very stressful concern for me. RPN or RN money will be sustainable; obviously more so a full-time RN hospital position. in regards to the second degree (Mac or Athabasca), for my situation, any comment on the likeliness that I can apply to schools as a second-degree applicant and only have to do the first 2 or 3 years, instead of a full 4 year?
  2. At McMaster, apparently you can't apply to the second-degree option for those two programs (health sci, biomedical science) as per the guideline below: Second Degree Applicants Admission is by selection. If you have a first non-Honours degree, you may apply to take an Honours second degree in the same subject area or a second degree in another discipline. Please note the following exceptions for second degree consideration at McMaster: B.Arts Sc (Arts and Science), B.Com. (Bachelor of Commerce), B.Com. (Honours), B.Com. (Honours) Integrated Business and Humanities, B.H.Sc. (Bachelor of Health Sciences (Honours)), B.Sc. (Honours) Integrated Science (ISCI), B.Sc. (Honours) Kinesiology, B.F.A. (Honours), any Honours Multimedia program, B. Eng. BME and B.H.Sc. Integrated Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences. The programs listed above cannot be pursued as second degrees. This guideline is set out in the General Academic Regulations. https://future.mcmaster.ca/admission/process/returning/ ------ I understand there are no shortcuts to getting accepted to a US/Canada school (and for good reason) but I'd be keen on getting the ball rolling like a Sept 2019 second degree start possibly ^ can anyone comment on going to athabasca in my shoes.... increasing gpa/ completing science courses at an acceptable full course load to subsequently apply to US/Canada. I am researching myself but if you can copy/ paste a particular forum thread that seems relevantly helpful, please do
  3. ^ so I'm contemplating the second undergrad degree as mentioned. I know there are tons of resources/ pages on the forum about pursuing a second degree particularly for increasing the GPA. however, do you or any other posters have any comment on a smart bet regarding the program to apply to based on my situation? .. or just something particularly 'easy' then just get all my science/'pre-req' courses completed and ensuring I carry a full course load. (*moving forwards with a second ug with a competitive GPA.. if i am to apply to US/Canada schools after, I understand I'll have to know how each individual school views transcript/ cGPA for second-degree students) I just emailed my BScN academic advisor to ask for further information on starting/ enrolling in a second undergrad at the university I just graduated from
  4. thank you guys for your replies regarding the carib route. particularly to @canadianguy7 .. I'm halfway through reading https://milliondollarmistake.wordpress.com/ and now I comprehend why I need to change my plans. does anyone have any comment on BS to MD programs? ... I've acknowledged NP and a few other healthcare professions. i'm sure readers above have recognized my stubbornness; however, i'm trying to convey that I feel adamant about pursuing medicine ( MD ). ^I'm from Ontario, Canada. does anyone have any insight or comment regarding admissions for Canadian's into those BS to MD/ direct pathway type of programs/ or possibly a post bacc with a lower end GPA requirement schools in the states?
  5. @freewheeler @YesIcan55 thank you both for your replies (i'm a noob on this site.. not sure if i'm supposed to just reply or tag you each time). I can obviously see how insane of a process it can be to get accepted. To say on this post that I will buckle down, get myself extremely in order in whatever plan I decide to do and start pulling A's doesn't do me or the readers justice, because only I know I can improve my situation for the future. regarding not doing a second UG - i am not keen currently on doing a second undergrad because of my age, and the time to complete it. therefore, i am looking into post bacc options. it would not be time efficient to complete a second undergrad if i decided to apply to the Caribbean, as I could most likekly get pre-req's done in a shorter time. i understand your point about me trying to seriously think rationally and i'm trying to take that to heart because i know this is an extreme jump if it comes to it, i would apply to Ross for Sept if I meet the criteria; after starting, i understand I would I would have to accept the various considerations that would come with pursuing this route in my shoes (the possibility of not keeping up and failing, maybe this route isn't for me for a good reason, factoring time and moeny, passing but not matching in canada, etc).
  6. @freewheeler I do not want to pursue anything at all related to nursing anymore. Basically, mindset-wise, I feel MD or nothing at this point so I'll do whatever I have to do to get into a med school. Regarding your comment on increasing my GPA... excluding doing a second undergrad option, do you have any comment on creating a "DIY post bacc" through the university I went to and taking a full course load as a continuing student to increase my GPA? / regarding applying to other post bacc programs - my search in Canada was inconclusive and for the USA, I need to do more research (not even sure if would meet the admission cut off)
  7. hi, basically, i'm here to ask for advice on route options for getting into a medical school, based on my current situation School: first did practical nursing at an Ontario college (currently an RPN) and just graduated from an Ontario university with a bachelor of science in nursing (BScN) (nclex-rn to be taken shortly) - university gpa: 2.3 - mcat: haven’t taken it yet and no prep started yet - medically related experience: nursing school clinicals/ working as an RPN - extracurriculars: barely any volunteer experience (at least not recently), didn’t join any clubs in university, not particularly part of any groups outside of school other than rec sports - No other parts of application started yet: personal statement, letters of recommendation, etc. an individual told me about a 'post bacc' school in toronto called medical education programs (MEP) (https://www.medschoolimg.com/) ... apparently you can take courses at this school to improve your gpa/mcat prep and subsequently apply to the school's partner medical schools (schools that accept their courses/credits). **I would 100% like to get into a US med school vs. going to the Caribbean and would also like to start in the next 1 to 2 years. Obviously my gpa is beyond rough so that doesn’t give me leeway to have a choice but just stating this so readers are aware** plan (current ideas): - Caribbean: looking at particularly Ross university or SGU (or any of the big 4)…. take pre-req courses at MEP to increase my GPA/MCAT prep with self MCAT prep/prep course and apply to both schools for September 2019 or January 2020 start. *Note*: Ross utilizes a program called medical education readiness program (MERP) in which if admissions thinks you could benefit from the 15 week MERP to prep for med school success by learning better learning strategies and more prep in science coursework then your conditional Ross acceptance will be granted to you upon your completion of MERP (which may be a possibility for me if I can I boost my GPA with the MEP courses??) - Canada: I understand Ontario schools currently out of the question for me… unless I do another undergrad and kill it, which I don’t want to do at this point. not sure about any other options for me in Canada nor did I do further research on this - USA: explained my situation to an admissions advisor and she said even if I excel in the MEP course and kill the MCAT, I would possibly have to do another 2 years at uni to up my GPA to be able to be even slightly competitive to apply to US schools. Please give your thoughts/ideas on routes for me to get into US schools - UK/ Australia/ Ireland/ Israel/ elsewhere: ?
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