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  1. Not everyone applying to pharm want to do pharm...med schools start giving out acceptance decisions around right now too! A lot of microbiology majors apply just for fun because they meet all the prereqs and will only go if they don't get a seat in MICB322. Don't lose hope!
  2. Your Ochem, biochem and cell bio are probably second-year courses so they won't factor into the calculation. Pharm would only be concerned with your last 30 credits and your first-year pre-reqs. I wouldn't lose hope but I also wouldn't book a flight just yet. They gave us until the 7th to accept/reject the interview offer so you might get an offer thereafter.
  3. Historically, it's been the 29th or 30th of March. I'm inclined to think it might be the 29th because it's a Friday?
  4. How do grades from courses taken this term affect admissions? Given the last 30 credits average and the first-year core average are calculated using courses completed in the fall semester.
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