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  1. Anyone else got an email from the registrars office and had a major anxiety attack???
  2. Any volunteers to make the highly dreadful daily call to the admissions office ? If someone asks and they are to release decisions today they wouldn’t hide it
  3. I sent someone to ask and they just got back to me and told me they said that "things are finalized to a certain extent" but there they are still not ready to release the decisions. She also said there are still moving parts and different people working on different things. They have to finish the checklist before hitting that send button. She made it seem like the things they are working on is everything that happens after the results are released she said "we are working on the next step after people get admitted and working on the small details" I honestly can't even make a prediction at this point. It could be this week or next week. But brace yourself..... decisions will arrive sooner or later.
  4. This question was probably answered before somewhere but do they send the rejection/acceptance/ waitlist all together or acceptance first then rejections?
  5. I also went to see them on Friday and the lady said "I guarantee it wont be this week"..... It is not coming out this week people
  6. i just came back from the admissions office and the lady said it wont be released in the next week :/ but who knows if they finalize everything it could still happen.... she made it seem like it will be mid March
  7. I wonder if they made those changes because not alot of people met the MCAT requirement and if that means they will offer more seats to OOP applicants this application cycle. Any thoughts?
  8. I called them today and they just said they aim to release mid March and that they don't have a date set :/ so it could be in one week or a few weeks... who knows
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