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  1. Applied + (PT or OT?): OT @ UAlberta, Western, McGill / PT @ UAlberta Accepted: McGill OT (off waitlist) Waitlisted: Western OT (upper third), UAlberta PT (for interview-never received one) Rejected: UAlberta OT, UAlberta PT GPA:c-gpa and s-gpa: cGPA: 3.80 / sGPA: 3.52 Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Essays & video statements were all strong/proof read by several professors many times. References from 2 professors (one who supervised my undergrad teaching assistantship and another who I have taken several classes from & written several papers about disability-advocacy for), another reference from my mentor who I had as a prof at the college level (she runs an inclusive sport organization and is the coach of the women’s national sledge hockey team). Volunteer/paid experience consisted of 2000+ hours volunteering in various adapted sports programs (sledge hockey, adapted yoga, adapted exercise, adapted cycling, etc,) for people of all ages and ability levels, volunteer coach with a Special Olympics bocce team, paid position working at an inclusive summer camp for children with physical and cognitive disabilities, volunteer board member/organizing committee for International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD), volunteer referee for provincial boccia (Paralympic sport) competitions, currently part of a fundraising team that competes in marathons/spartans/triathlons to raise money for the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, was an undergraduate teaching assistant in my final year for an introductory kinesiology class and completed an independent study research project based on data from the class. Felt like my CASPER went very well, I had practiced several times and took a prep course on how to answer questions & maximize typing time. I was discouraged to get rejected from UAlberta OT, but not surprised. I have one awful class bringing down my sGPA & even though I wrote about the extenuating circumstances surrounding it they clearly axed me for it. I strongly encourage future applicants in similar situations to apply to McGill as they look at your cGPA instead and take into consideration the whole applicant. Also, I’m sure my CASPER score is what has landed me in the upper 1/3 of Western’s waitlist, again very appreciative that they look at more than just GPA to get you through the first round. I have accepted my McGill offer and will be attending unless I get an offer at Western during the summer. Future applicants: Don’t let a weaker GPA/one grade in one class get you down! Make your experiences/essays/CASPER as strong as they can be and a school WILL see you! Good luck to all.
  2. Mine says "3 2019" and my email says I'm in the upper third, so I don't think that is the case.
  3. It was easy, he is almost done (graduating this year) and has only had one where he needed lots of translation assistance. You definitely pick the language up living there, but he is still just at a basic level right now. He does not feel like his education has been compromised at all by it.
  4. I do not have a basic/functional level of french, english only. I’m not worried about it, my brother goes there in the PT program currently and he has been fine. They try and get mostly-english placements for those that need it. The one time he was placed in a more-french setting he had to communicate with his placement preceptor that he needed translations, etc. and that helped a lot.
  5. Yes that is what I was told today- that they do not disclose position or # of applicants waitlisted. I wish they gave us at least some kind of info! Does anyone know how much the waitlist has moved in previous years?
  6. I asked through the application messenger if they were able to disclose any information about the waiting list (placement, upper/lower half, total number of people waitlisted, etc.). Ill let everyone know if/when I hear back!
  7. Also waitlisted for OT this morning. Wish they told us position/how many are placed on the waitlist! Hopefully will hear something soon after May 17
  8. Do you mind me asking how long of a timeline you were given to accept the offer? I'm assuming the first two waves of acceptances have gone out now, just wondering a timeline for when I might hear anything (still no rejection/acceptance/waitlist email received here).
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