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  1. You can apply to Law with a Science degree and Medicine with an Arts degree. Law is even more flexible in terms of degrees, one Supreme Court Justice had a music undergrad... you can definitely do an education after degree with a Science base. Do what you like, not what further degree is traditionally associated with an undergrad degree.
  2. The help guide is very clear here. You need two years "by the time of application". Which is in October.
  3. Ottawa makes it clear that the panel has access to your ABS.
  4. Ottawa has a French stream and NOSM has a Francophone engagement program. It's not a game changer for most but it does help.
  5. Your B/B, CARS, C/P, and P/S scores are your subsection scores. If your CARS score is a 124 you have essentially no schools. Queens will outscreen you, and McMaster is essentially impossible. Your only course of action is to rewrite the MCAT and significantly up your GPA, following weighting rules. This will take awhile, so you'll need to decide if you want to spend the time going back to school for just a chance to get in.
  6. Pretty slim, unless you're Indigenous/French/Northern. What's your CARS score? For Ottawa your GPA is below the cutoff, for Toronto you're far below competitive, for Western your GPA is below the cutoff, McMaster would be a longshot unless you have 130+ CARS. Queens may work, but you're on the edge there. So to recap, unless you have a great CARS score, you're limited to Queens, which depending on your subsection scores, may autoreject you. Your best course forward is to up your GPA or consider backups.
  7. It's impossible to say. Your stats are competitive for the UofA and probably the UofC, but it's also all about how you present your "softs" and your CASPer performance for the UofA. In the end, the UofA is one of the most opaque schools on evaluation, and the UofC puts a lot of weight on extracurriculars. It's always worth a shot. I'm also curious what you mean "getting in this year" though. Interviews for the Alberta schools are long sent and as far as I know, a bunch of grad program deadlines have passed. Personally, I think you should always pursue back-up planning with the same zeal you do your Medicine applications. A lackluster backup that you don't really care about, or that you don't properly think out/apply to, isn't a real backup.
  8. I would imagine it must match your new degree, making you a 1st year again. Contact Western to confirm. Ottawa also requires a full course load.
  9. Result: invite!GPA: Almost perfectMCAT: High teens, fairly balanced. Current Degree: 4th yearGeography (IP/OOP): IPExtracurricular Activities: Broad, filled out everything, some low-hour activities, but a great work history and a bunch of leadership. CASPer: OOP McMaster and Ottawa level.
  10. The invite interview used MailChimp (I'm not sure what the rejections used), which from my comms experience, can be finicky and lose addresses. Its possible they just missed you while uploading names and emails. I would call them (if they pick up).
  11. Neither, you need to convert your % grade course by course, not all in one fell swoop.
  12. Luck, luck, luck, and did I say luck? The process is subjective, someone likes your ECs=higher scores. The school I thought would be the most likely to interview me rejected me. Instead I'm sitting on interviews to schools at the bottom of the "I think they'll give me an invite" list. Apply everywhere, let the process sort itself out. ⁰0 Beyond that, as someone in this situation, I think the key comes down to a few things: 1. Widely competitive stats. I'm talking a very solid MCAT with a great CARS score+a great GPA combined with coursework that meets weighting rules. This let's you apply to more schools. This is the first and most important part. 2. Great CASPer results. Which is subjective. 3. IP advantage is a real boost if you have it. 4. Broad ECs that check a lot of boxes in terms of physician competencies, show who you are (unique), and show your interests. I'd like to think my ABS paints a sketch of me that doesn't say "premed wannabe who volunteered in a hospital, did a little research, and spent the odd weekend on something". Instead, it says I'm interested in X, dabble in Y, work in Z, and all of these are relevant some way. As such, I'm never posting my ABS details. But I'll be the first to acknowledge that it's very subjective and there is luck, divine intervention, whatever you want, at play when it comes to the evaluation. In the end, I see people with better stats, and at least from my POV, better ECs getting rejected, and all I can think is I'm exceptionally blessed and so are all the others who fall into the same group with invites. Also, not wanting to try my luck again makes me a highly motivated interview prepper. Luck changes, try again next year, hope the winds blow in your favour, and (hopefully) some of us will sign off on each others work some day. Alternatively, it's the internet. Everyone is exaggerating. I do think that this forum makes the process seem more competitive by only showcasing a subset of the "525/4.0, Olympian, Nature published" high flyer types who are out there. There's way more if us who have solid, but not "wow" stats and competitive ECs who can fill out classes. That's what motivates me to post, I want to tell all the 4th years that you dont need to be 25+, apply 30+ times, and have amazing ECs and stats to get invites. I've seen far to many quarter life crises in classmates who feel like they're competing against super humans and give up their med dream.
  13. Status: Invite Time Stamp: Just now Location: OOP Stream: English MCAT: Well above cutoffs. cGPA/2yr GPA: use 4.0 OMSAS Scale - I dont remember, mid 3.9x? Current year: 4th year ECs: Broad and varied, but all fairly recent. No high school stuff, so there is hope for those of us who spent our high school years relaxing. Incredibly grateful and happy for another chance.
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