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  1. I don't think I met their GPA cut off of 3.85 for the english stream. Can't believe I worked for 2 month for nothing
  2. Hi friends, After months of preparation, I just got my MCAT score back this morning and got 123 in CARS and 129+ in other sections, making me ineligible to pretty much all schools. This is tough to swallow as english is my second language I would really appreciate it if you could advice as to how I can improve my CARS score, what recourses/strategy did you use? Many many thanks.
  3. Hi, I just got my MCAT score back this morning, and unfortunately I did not meet the CARS cutoff for all the schools (got 123). Shall I just leave my OMSAS application as it is (i.e not submitting)? This is tough Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  4. Only if you did not do your course based masters on a full time basis, otherwise I don't see why not.
  5. Hi, I have a question regarding the reference letter for the MD/PhD application at UBC. My current understanding is that I need to submit 3 reference letters for my MD/PhD application pre-interview, and then if I get an interview, I will then have to send 3 additional reference letters as a part of my MD application. If so could one of my references write more than one letter? Could someone please confirm this? Thank you so much
  6. Hi Everyone, I am applying this year and I'm looking for some advice on my school list! I am currently residing in Ontario but considered IP for Quebec. My undergrad GPA is kinda low, 3.35/4 for first 2 years, and 3.81/4 for last 2 years and 3.72/4 with the worst year removed. And I have an extenuating circumstance that i would like to mention on my application for my low GPA. Will take the MCAT in July. I also did a masters and have two first-authored pubs and one-second authored pub, and will have some strong LOR. I believe my EC to be above average, very diverse and unique, but looking at how accomplished everyone else is on this forum made me feel pretty average. Here is a list of school I am planning to apply, any suggestion and comments would be greatly appreciated. -University of British Columbia, -University of Alberta, -University of Manitoba, -Western University -University of Toronto -Queens University -McMaster University -University of Ottawa (not sure cuz I heard they don't look at anyone below 3.85) -McGill University -Memorial University of Newfoundland (No ties to the province, unfortunately) Thank you all very much for your help in advance.
  7. Hi friends, I have a quick question. So if a school does not give A+, theoretically even if someone had a 4.0 aGPA, the converted UBC GPA would be 92%, and the maximum AQ score this applicant could get is around 33-34/50. Could someone confirm maybe? Thank you!
  8. Thanks a lot for your input! I think I will wait till I find out my file review score before deciding. And yes, UBC med is probably going to be the only reason for my move, although I do have relatives in BC, I have never been to Vancouver myself. Thing is I really wanna do medicine, and Ontario is just so tough to get in
  9. Thank you! That's great to know! and Yes I had a REALLY bad year, but my school does not give A+ so I guess my A-s didnt hurt as much?
  10. Thank you so much for your advice! I will definitely wait till I find out my file review score!
  11. Does UBC dental school calculate AGPA (similar to MD program) or only cGPA will be used? Thank you!
  12. Hi everyone, I have a question too about taking extra courses. I’m from OOP and currently have an AGPA of 86.2. I’m planning to take another year of classes (30credits) and if I manage to get all A+, it would bring AGPA up to just over 88%. Do you think it’s worth it to spend an extra year ? thank you so much!
  13. Hi everyone, I have been struggling for a while whether or not I should do a second undergrad to make up for my lower GPA (3.6/4). I did my first degree in life science and my question is: would it look bad on my application if I do my second degree in a similar field (ie I can transfer credits and graduate in 2 years)? Thank you so much!
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