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  1. Only if you did not do your course based masters on a full time basis, otherwise I don't see why not.
  2. Hi, I have a question regarding the reference letter for the MD/PhD application at UBC. My current understanding is that I need to submit 3 reference letters for my MD/PhD application pre-interview, and then if I get an interview, I will then have to send 3 additional reference letters as a part of my MD application. If so could one of my references write more than one letter? Could someone please confirm this? Thank you so much
  3. Hi Everyone, I am applying this year and I'm looking for some advice on my school list! I am currently residing in Ontario but considered IP for Quebec. My undergrad GPA is kinda low, 3.35/4 for first 2 years, and 3.81/4 for last 2 years and 3.72/4 with the worst year removed. And I have an extenuating circumstance that i would like to mention on my application for my low GPA. Will take the MCAT in July. I also did a masters and have two first-authored pubs and one-second authored pub, and will have some strong LOR. I believe my EC to be above average, very diverse and unique, but looking at how accomplished everyone else is on this forum made me feel pretty average. Here is a list of school I am planning to apply, any suggestion and comments would be greatly appreciated. -University of British Columbia, -University of Alberta, -University of Manitoba, -Western University -University of Toronto -Queens University -McMaster University -University of Ottawa (not sure cuz I heard they don't look at anyone below 3.85) -McGill University -Memorial University of Newfoundland (No ties to the province, unfortunately) Thank you all very much for your help in advance.
  4. Hi friends, I have a quick question. So if a school does not give A+, theoretically even if someone had a 4.0 aGPA, the converted UBC GPA would be 92%, and the maximum AQ score this applicant could get is around 33-34/50. Could someone confirm maybe? Thank you!
  5. Thanks a lot for your input! I think I will wait till I find out my file review score before deciding. And yes, UBC med is probably going to be the only reason for my move, although I do have relatives in BC, I have never been to Vancouver myself. Thing is I really wanna do medicine, and Ontario is just so tough to get in
  6. Thank you! That's great to know! and Yes I had a REALLY bad year, but my school does not give A+ so I guess my A-s didnt hurt as much?
  7. Thank you so much for your advice! I will definitely wait till I find out my file review score!
  8. Does UBC dental school calculate AGPA (similar to MD program) or only cGPA will be used? Thank you!
  9. Hi everyone, I have a question too about taking extra courses. I’m from OOP and currently have an AGPA of 86.2. I’m planning to take another year of classes (30credits) and if I manage to get all A+, it would bring AGPA up to just over 88%. Do you think it’s worth it to spend an extra year ? thank you so much!
  10. Hi everyone, I have been struggling for a while whether or not I should do a second undergrad to make up for my lower GPA (3.6/4). I did my first degree in life science and my question is: would it look bad on my application if I do my second degree in a similar field (ie I can transfer credits and graduate in 2 years)? Thank you so much!
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