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  1. The specific topics that the cDAT biology encompasses are directly listed on the CDA website... this is all information that is DIRECTLY AVAILABLE to you guys! What is there for the OP to inquire the CDA about? Not being able to read information that was all explicitly stated on their website?
  2. Hey, sorry if you felt attacked by this I really DID see this before my November 2018 DAT (because I specifically remember searching up the time lengths of each section before the exam) but I guess I don't know how to prove that to you. I did make an account recently but I'm not affiliated with DAT Bootcamp in any way so I don't see why you want me to apologize to you lol Okay, even if DAT Bootcamp did snake you, did you not bother to check this information over on the CDA website? You must've registered for the exam though this website, right? As a student paying a lot of money for a big exam that potentially determines the course of your future, you'd think one would bother to ensure that you know all the details of what you're going into... I think you only have yourself to blame rather than trying to get an apology from the DAT Bootcamp people. It would've taken you 5 seconds to confirm the length of the RC section t on the CDA website. "Oversight on my part" lol it's just your fault honey. Honestly, just learn from this lesson and know better for your next round.
  3. "The reading comprehension section on the Canadian DAT gives you 50 minutes to complete the 50 questions (the American DAT provides 60 minutes for the 50 questions). Though the Canadian DAT provides less time, completing this section on paper is easier than completing reading comprehension on the computer (which is why less time is given on the Canadian DAT)." - DAT Bootcamp ^The above is directly quoted from Classroom > Canadian DAT Practice Tests > Blog section of the DAT Bootcamp website. I saw this before my Canadian DAT in November 2018, so it's definitely been written there for a while. They also list a variety of differences on the website: The Canadian DAT is administered as a paper based test (whereas the American DAT is computer based). The Canadian DAT does not test organic chemistry or math. The Canadian DAT has an optional manual dexterity portion, where a cylinder of soap is carved based on specific instructions provided. I'm unsure as to why you were unable to see this information on the website because it's clearly there, but I personally found DAT Bootcamp very helpful. However, above everything, you probably should've done personal research yourself prior to the exam because all this information is also listed on the CDA website.
  4. Do you guys know if they'll be making a facebook group for the 2023 class soon?
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