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  1. For OCC1 545, there are the following components on minerva: lecture, lab, workshop, seminar. After registering, it shows: lecture 3x/week lab 2x/week seminar 2x/week workshop 3x/week. Are lab, seminar, and workshop really this many times per week, or will we just be assigned one of the possible sessions per week?
  2. It's only an extra 2 months because the masters without QY is shorter than others masters. I believe graduation is still in November! But yeah community is a good component to look at, thanks!
  3. McGill OT vs UofT OT - thoughts? I can't decide between the two!
  4. Yeah my French is okay, could be better but... good enough, haha. Good to know about jobs! Thanks
  5. Yeah lots of factors for sure. Good point about placements. I also feel like placements at McGill might be easier to get to since it's smaller than all of GTA - but that's just a feeling. What's the name of the general forum? Just the accepted/waitlist/declined forum? I'm interested in what others have to say. Thanks!!!
  6. Hey, For those planning on attending QY for OT - what made you choose McGill? I'm like... 75% sure I'll choose McGill but I'm also considering U of T. So just curious about what you guys liked specifically about McGill's program. Thanks!
  7. They say that French is strongly recommended, but it’s not a requirement for admission. I don’t think it makes or breaks the application. I received an offer for OT and I had put that im fluent in English and only have functional-level French.
  8. I’m not sure if there’s a percentage posted anywhere, but I do know that people continue on for the most part. It’s contigent on you maintaining a 3.0 GPA during the QY (for both PT and OT). Edit: sorry, just realized someone already said this!
  9. I'm from Ontario but currently go to McGill so not sure what they'd categorize me as! (I got an OT invite).
  10. Hey, Why did you choose Queens? Im curious about the factors people consider. Thanks
  11. You should check your spam folder often! I was waitlisted originally, but received an invite today - sent to my spam folder even though other McMaster communications reached my regular inbox. They only give you ~24 hours to respond, so it would be super sad to miss out just because randomly went to a different folder than other McMaster OT emails! Goodluck
  12. Applied: McGill OT, U of T OT, Queens OT, McMaster OT Accepted: McGill, U of T, Queens Waitlisted: McMaster Rejected: GPA: c-gpa 3.81 and s-gpa 3.77 Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: - Volunteering: Dance therapy classes (taught by OTs), Humanitarian medical trip, volunteer with adults with developmental disabilities, tutoring & music teaching (kids) - Research (paid and unpaid): 1 year in pain neural circuit development lab, >1 year + publication at health ethics lab, undergrad research project at neuroscience/OT lab - References: References from prominent health ethics PI and member of McGill OT faculty.
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