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  1. Some ppl don't fill it, they don't look at it. I imagine it would be unfair to do so without informing first
  2. Haven't heard back, am at U of t 4th yr, Life Sci
  3. They might but it won't be until much much later imo
  4. Je pense que ca depends sur l'établissements scolaire, Mac va envoyer les acceptances le Mai 12
  5. Idk heard something about new wave next week- see discussions thread
  6. This might be a bit neurotic but should I buy a pantsuit or is it ok that I wear a black blazer that I own with some Uniqlo black pants? Can people tell the difference? Also is a white chiffon blouse good or should I go with a white cotton shirt? Thanks!
  7. Genuinely do not understand what basis the rolling is based on even smh
  8. Edit: sorry i didn't read the description properly, good luck!
  9. I'm interested in the MHS Global health economics at Johns Hopkins, wondering if it will add to my application to med school?? Does anyone know/can shed light on this
  10. So what happens if I am say 1 year into my 2 yr thesis based masters, but I get a med school offer, what do I do then? Is quitting midway a thing?
  11. How did you do it? I realize it's ECs but like what ECs do you have? This is my first yr applying so I'm just looking for an idea of why my app flopped
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