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  1. Even if they did, your current year is not counted for interview invites
  2. Applied to Cornell, Dartmouth, Columbia, Maryland, Yale (lol I know reach), mayo Stats are 3.88 GPA, 518 MCAT (130,128,129,131) I know these aren't many schools but seems kinda disheartening to not get closure from ANY
  3. Yup was looking at older threads, apparently early invites go out Tues/Wed ish and Monday is only rejections, but rejections keep rolling out through the week which so great ha
  4. I have received 0 replies, stats aren't terrible either and almost above the schools' averages- it's so sad cause my stats are just average in Canada R it is I suppose
  5. Haven't received anything from the US med schools yet, I would be considered international so have a bad feeling but wondering if anyone did receive an interview/ is in the same boat as me?? The DREAD is too real yall
  6. Anyone hear back from IMS surp yet??? Especially for the joint funding
  7. LOL I know!! I just might not get in + really wanna go to an IVY
  8. Hi! So I'm trying to draw up a list of schools to apply to- I am Canadian and my cGPA will be 3.88, sGPA- 4.0, MCAT 518 (130/128/129/131). i have some research experience as well as clinical experience. I am president of a club right now, and I volunteer at a center for adults with special needs. I'm wondering which of these schools is worth applying to b/c i dont want to waste too much money if I basically dont have a chance. In Canada: U of Toronto, UAlberta, McGill, UBC, Western, Queens, Dalhousie?? In States: Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, UCSF, Columbia, Duke (I wanna apply to 2 T20s just incase I'm lucky) accepting suggestions for Canadian friendly (cheaper) schools. Thanks!
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