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  1. Good to know not everyone has mosaic yet, got an email about mac email set up but wasn't able to access it bc of no mosaic
  2. Can someone please help me confirm that this is the course we need to do before starting: https://www.torontocpr.com/signupforacourse/cpr-aed/ Thanks!!
  3. When do they send out the link to pay the $1000 deposit?
  4. Mac recently announced online classes in Fall, anyone have ideas how this will affect med students? I'm just wondering if the PBL stuff will still be in person
  5. McMaster in prev threads has been alphabetical, what's the latestt time someone got an email? I don't remember it to be very late.
  6. In my opinion, your GPA is kind of on low side, a master's might be hard esp if you're only looking to compensate for GPA and who knows if your GPA will drop then. I would do a fifth year and also focus on ECs during that time, so your GPA comes up and you have some more diverse experiences. (Mac also depends largely on CARS score)
  7. Stressed out and pretty sad, tbh I don't know if I should keep hoping or give up
  8. Same, discovered this thread and my stress has sky-rocketed. Love that for us
  9. I thought it said you might not be given preference of campus at all if waitlist, nothing about affecting chances of getting in
  10. What is a "low GPA" I know a lot of time people mean 3.8 ish, is that what you mean?
  11. Some ppl don't fill it, they don't look at it. I imagine it would be unfair to do so without informing first
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