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  1. Anyone have an update from UofT? Still on the waitlist ...
  2. I called UofT yesterday and from what I understand they sent out the majority of the acceptances for waitlist people on Thursday/Friday. They said from here on out the waitlist will move very slowly, one person at a time if any. :(
  3. I think being close to friends/family and having a strong support system is one of the most important things to consider when choosing a medical school. Despite where you end up, the program is going to be demanding and having a support system will help you exponentially. Given your situatoin, UofA seems like the better choice and it is such an INCREDIBLE school/program!
  4. Given your situation, it sounds like Queens would be the best fit for you. Small city with an incredible community, and close enough to Toronto if you ever feel like you need to be back in the busy big city to see friends or shop...etc. I have several friends at Queens med who appear to be extremely happy with the program as well
  5. I have heard incredible things about UofC and UofA it seems to make sense for your situation. But if you want to move away FORSURE pick UBC
  6. Got the waitlist email yesterday morning. Pretty heartbroken. I AM HOPING that the waitlist moves, but Im having a hard time believing this. Is there ANY way to know where we stand on the waitlist? Do they waitlist a lot of people?
  7. WAITLISTED!!!! pretty heartbroken to see the waitlist email after coming out of the interview feeling fairly good! Does anyone have some insight into how much the UofT waitlist moves, or historically if it moves at all? Also, I know that some schools have a "good" or "bad" waitlist, my email had no indication of this so i'm wondering if UofT just is one big waitlist? Any advice on the numbers or movement of the UofT waitlist would be MUCH appreciated! Hopefully some people got multiple offers and space will open up for us wait-listers
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