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  1. 7 hours ago, dental0550 said:

    For those accepted to 4 year program at UCC, did you receive an email requesting supplemental documents regarding a detailed description of some of the undergrad courses?

    If yes, do you remember how early they requested it after you apply? And how long after you sent the supplemental document to hear back from them?

    Thanks guys!

    Yes, got it shortly after I applied fully (letters and grades in) so like January. Once you send it in you don't hear anything back until acceptances roll out. Take time and ensure that all of the topics are covered on the form because it's a main deciding factor between 4y and 5y. If you get into the 5y you can still apply for exemptions once the school year begins (but you can't get bumped to 4y)

  2. The Irish schools don’t actually take into the DAT into account! Every Canadian school has different views from what I’ve heard through emailing with admissions. Some take the best attempt, some average, some take the most recent. Aussie and NZ schools I cant speak on. Keep in mind DAT scores are only really valid for 2 years for most schools as well so depending on the application cycle some of your first attempts may not be eligible to look at for averaging or best attempts!

  3. University can be a steep learning curve coming from any background. It sounds like you need to re-evaluate how you go about studying. In high school, I put little to no work in other than studying a day or two before the exam and came out with high 90s. University was a huge shock and I definitely took a hit in first year in terms of grades, and had to learn how to put the time and effort into learning, understanding, and applying the material. Many students find recall to be incredibly helpful for retaining information, cue-cards, post-its, and written notes can be used to quiz yourself repeatedly until the information flow is natural. to answer your questions:

    1. I have performed better in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year, not because the courses are easier but because I learned what works for me. Fourth year has been the busiest and most challenging year of my undergrad balancing honours courses and requirements on top of extracurriculars and applications, but I have my highest GPA to date.

    2. Grades are not defined by age. I know people younger than me that are far more successful. It's about the time and energy you put into learning, and how you approach learning.

    3. Memorization using cue cards or other modalities is the first step in courses. Especially in physiology and anatomy, there is often little application due to the high volume of content. In other courses that are application based, you still need to memorize the basic content before you can go about applying what you know. ALways build your foundation first.

    4. You can always pull up your GPA. It's more about how much you want it, if you put in the work things will change. I haven't researched physio schools in depth but some of them only address your best two years of GPA. Other schools require written components in addition to GPA that allows you to paint yourself in a more favourable light and be evaluated holistically.


    If this is truly your dream you shouldn't give up! Learning how you function in an academic environment now will only help you in the future, PT school isn't going to be easier than undergrad.

  4. The DAT is scheduled in the middle of midterms of both semesters so time management is the biggest key. I found it hard to have a strict 'schedule' but I spent all of my free time between classes and a few hours after dinner every night writing out notes. If you download the DATbootcamp PAT generator app (it used to be free idk anymore) its an easy way to study while waiting in line for coffee and such. Regarding the pre-reqs, email the admissions offices of each university whether it needs to be taken prior to application or if concurrent is accepted. 

  5. 22 hours ago, DDSNL said:

    Are you aware how much they care about biology and chemistry pre-requisites? I completed a bachelor of engineering in Canada, so some chemistry but minimal biology (GPA 3.7). Currently completing a Masters in Health Services though. I applied for the 5 year program at UCC and Trinity. 

    I believe that for the 5 year programs there are no specific prerequisites they ask for. From what I’ve heard, Ireland is very holistic and doesnt look that much into GPA as they are not comparable across different countries. References and personal statement make a large impact, eapecially the academic referece is what I’ve been told from atlantic bridge. Like @HopefulDDS said earlier, for the 4y GED we had to furnish a list of course topics covered in our undergrad as the GED program exempts you from a few courses the 5years have to take. I wouldnt worry about courses for the programs you applied to because irish students are able to enter them directly from highschool and they will likely build a strong core science foundation.

  6. 5 minutes ago, faith said:

    i meant that did you get all credits for biochemistry in your current school? cuz i will compete biochemistry this april.

    i have not receive any offer or rejected yet...

    i just keep praying to God.

    I heard through Atlantic Bridge with attached letters from cork. From what ive seen in previous years 4year GED comes out in early march with the 5years coming out later. Rolling admissions basis as people decline.

    I had finished all of my biochem/ genetics/ physiology credits they required on that form already in my undergrad.

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