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    DentalExplorer reacted to HopefulDDS in Job market in big cities: Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa   
    I'm looking to recent DDS/DMD graduates to provide some information on your experience looking for jobs in the big cities. 
    -Has job hunting in big cities been competitive or is there a healthy balance of supply and demand?
    -Are you able to find positions with 4+ day work weeks?
    -What are the average salaries you're seeing in these cities (ideally at practices central enough to use subways)?
    -For those working in the city, are you living relatively comfortably (paying off loans, rent, living expenses with a surplus)?
    -Are there more associate positions with corporations than with mom and pop shops now?
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    DentalExplorer got a reaction from HopefulDDS in taking dat as many times as you want for international schools?   
    The Irish schools don’t actually take into the DAT into account! Every Canadian school has different views from what I’ve heard through emailing with admissions. Some take the best attempt, some average, some take the most recent. Aussie and NZ schools I cant speak on. Keep in mind DAT scores are only really valid for 2 years for most schools as well so depending on the application cycle some of your first attempts may not be eligible to look at for averaging or best attempts!
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    DentalExplorer got a reaction from HopefulDDS in Atlantic Bridge - Irish Dental School 2019   
    Received a rejection to TCD today - already enrolled in UCC so it seemed kind of random lol 
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    DentalExplorer got a reaction from Fentist in End date   
    I would contact the admissions committee, looks more proactive/ they'll likely be more lenient if you let them know in advance
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    DentalExplorer got a reaction from SirDent77 in Prerequisite + DAT at the same time?   
    The DAT is scheduled in the middle of midterms of both semesters so time management is the biggest key. I found it hard to have a strict 'schedule' but I spent all of my free time between classes and a few hours after dinner every night writing out notes. If you download the DATbootcamp PAT generator app (it used to be free idk anymore) its an easy way to study while waiting in line for coffee and such. Regarding the pre-reqs, email the admissions offices of each university whether it needs to be taken prior to application or if concurrent is accepted. 
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    DentalExplorer got a reaction from memes in Atlantic Bridge - Irish Dental School 2019   
    Ireland doesn't take the DAT into account! 
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    DentalExplorer reacted to manolo59 in UWO Invites/Regrets 2019   
    There might be a wait list for interview offers
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    DentalExplorer reacted to DentalApp101 in UWO Invites/Regrets 2019   
    I asked a student in UWO dental and they said they send them out one at a time throughout the day, so hopefully a response will come soon !
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