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  1. If it's the NS government funding the seats, than they will be for NS residents. There will be a preference for rural/African Nova Scotian/Indigenous applicants, but any remaining seats would be allocated to NS applicants.
  2. Very rarely see any PEI activity on here due to population, but maybe this can help the few of us get an idea of where we're at!
  3. I Know that a 510 is 8/10, and I believe 3.9 = 14/15 (so 22/25 average). I'm also curious if that is the average of NS acceptances or ALL acceptances, as I had the same breakdown as a PE applicant.
  4. IP Waitlist (PE applicant, although I thought I was NS hmm) 67.70 I knew I had a very weak GPA from one of my applying semesters so pleasantly surprised to still get on the wait list this year! Slightly below average on supplemental & slightly above average on interview.
  5. If we don’t hear anything tomorrow I’m going to be very worried.... I’ve been told my whole life to beware the Ides of March
  6. Based on every past year on this site, acceptances appear to always come out before 11am. So once that time passes, I just tell myself it's going to be tomorrow. The amount of calls they're getting is probably driving them up the wall, and at the end of the day they aren't going to give us a date of release. So I would say try to relax for today, and hopefully we got some news tomorrow!
  7. Based on what I heard from this year's crop of Med1's, people are explicitly told that they're on the waitlist.
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