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  1. 18 minutes ago, Halidart said:

    "Students who are enrolled in undergraduate or graduate studies programs at the time of application and who receive an admissions offer will be required to successfully complete their program of study before beginning the undergraduate medical education curriculum."

    The students who may have been accepted from first year pharmacy would have not even been accepted, let alone enrolled in the pharmacy program at the time of the application due date for med. Clarify with admissions about their policy but don't take it out on the students who may have rightly earned their seat.

    Application was due September 3rd or so; the same week undergrad classes started. Anybody in 1st year pharmacy would’ve certainly been enrolled in classes & accepted long before then.

  2. Hey guys! 

    I work at Dal in & around the Tupper Building, and it looks as though the University is on its' way to shutting down (which makes sense why the decision letters will not be coming out until April).  I will be sure to post here once the schol opens back up to faculty & staff, as hopefully that will be an indication on decision letter release! 

    Wishing everyone the best of luck.  Stay safe and stay healthy

  3. 4 minutes ago, Mel96 said:

    This is what someone I know received from the admissions office today when they emailed to ask bout the release of the decision letters. Not really sure what that means though :/ it says disruption is inevitable bu they are still working to release it in a timely manner. 

    Thank you for your email.  During this time of heightened concern surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, we are all taking pause about what can be done to keep our families and ourselves safe and healthy. Unfortunately, given the magnitude of some of these changes being introduced, some disruption in student and work life is inevitable.


    The Admissions Office will continue to work towards having applicant decision letters distributed in a timely fashion under these ever-changing circumstances while also fulfilling our obligations to the university and following the best advice from public health. At this time, we cannot confirm when letters will be distributed.


    Please take care of yourselves and your families. We will work through this incredibly challenging time together.

    As a Dal employee who works in & around the Tupper Building, as of right now "all staff are expected to continue to report for work" (unless experiencing symptoms).  So as of this moment, any members of the admissions committee would still be expected to be present for any meetings they may have.  If Dal does end up closing (including all research, teaching, and administrative staff), then that's when the delays would occur.  This is just my opinion, of course, knowing what I know

  4. 2 hours ago, Eskimolimon said:

    Thanks. Do you have any insight about MCAT calculations? I am aware that a minimum of 493 or so would make me eligible, but how bad would a score like that look? As less emphasis is placed on MCAT, I am trying not to overdo it, but still want to get a respectable score. It seems like it is really just used as a cutoff now. I am debating on studying for 2 months (May/June) then write in July while working in a lab (July/August) that I have been working at for the past two summers. Or if I should just focus on MCAT/essays/casper to be safe.

    As well, does anyone have any insight on how an honours degree is valued? I am not sure if it is worth pursuing it, but it will be an interesting experience during fourth year if I do. I also don't want to burn out in my final year of undergrad as it has been intense three years of academic/varsity athletics/leadership positions/research/volunteering. 

    Sorry to hijack this post. If these questions are more suitable on other forums let me know. 

    edit: I am an NB resident if that matters.

    In terms of the MCAT scoring, I know that the breakdown is similar to that of the GPA, where a certain range of MCAT scores equates to a score out of 10 (ie. a 507-512 = 8/10, hypothetically).  As such, a 493 would allow you to apply, but you would probably end up with a fairly low score/10.  In terms of what to do for studying/focusing on the MCAT this summer, it all depends on you, how familiar are you with the material on it, etc. I personally took 3 months to study for it while working part-time and did respectably.  

    In terms of an honours degree, I don't believe having the honurs' degree on its own makes much difference, however the opportunities that could arise from doing one (conferences, publications, the ability to pursue gradate studies, etc.) is where most of the value comes from.  

    I hope that that all makes sense & is somewhat helpful!

  5. 43 minutes ago, Eskimolimon said:

    I have a similar question so I will ask it here: 

    Would a 3.88 round up to a 3.9, and a 3.97 to a 4.0? These would be for my first two years, and I am currently in third year with a 3.98 in first semester and thinking about whether I should stress about getting to as close to 4.0 as possible for the year or if 3.96 or even 3.95 would be enough to be technically considered 4.0 after round up. These GPA values are on OMSAS scale. 

    In the final calculation, say that I apply after I finish undergrad, and they calculate my 1st, 2nd and 3rd year, would this be an overall of GPA of 4.0 since my cGPA for those years would be 3.967?

    As well, does anyone know how 3.9-4.0 would be calculated out of the 15 points allocated for GPA? 

    Both of those would round up! Their GPA entries are rounded to 1 decimal place across the board.

    In terms of the point allocation, unless they've changed it, it goes like this:

    4.0 = 15/15 

    3.9 = 14/15 

    3.8 = 13/15

    etc.... Hope this helped!

  6. Aside from the early 2018 release date, the acceptance letters have typically come out during the Med1/2 March Break (this year it's the week of March 16-20).  Talking to friends of mine currently in Med 1 & 2, they all seem to have the impression that that will be the case again this year.

    I know it's easier said than done, but I won't be overly stressing or obsessively refreshing my email until March 16.  Would definitely urge everyone else to try and have the same mindset to save yourself from the unneeded stress.



  7. 2 minutes ago, SomeRandomGuyOnTheInternet said:

    Has anybody made the obligatory daily call yet to see if they are any closer to saying when they might release the results? 
    Checking my email roughly every 3 minutes isn't very conducive to my productivity...

    Based on every past year on this site, acceptances appear to always come out before 11am.  So once that time passes, I just tell myself it's going to be tomorrow.  The amount of calls they're getting is probably driving them up the wall, and at the end of the day they aren't going to give us a date of release.  So I would say try to relax for today, and hopefully we got some news tomorrow!

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