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  1. i think you sound like a good candidate! with your community involvement and your initiative especially. i was looking for examples of residency personal statements and i found this post , it has an example of a really strong family medicine personal statement that outlines a lot of things that make them a strong candidate. i hope that helps!
  2. How do you guys prepare for your mmi ?
  3. I know you already got some good answers and reassurance but I think you're in great shape too!! Especially for first year since you have so much more time to figure it out! Remember GPA is important but so is everything else so make sure you put time into extracurriculars as well maybe see if your school has a pre-med society or club
  4. It's nice that you are thinking of applying to US schools as well, this can be your backup plan .- but keep in mind a lot of schools do look at your two best years so just do well in your last two years and kill the MCAT! good luck
  5. As long as you are applying to the schools where your GPA/MCAT falls within those average ranges then it is perfectly fine to apply to - Your EC'S will make you stand out if you say they are unique so that is also a plus for admissions commitee.
  6. It's hard to even know this because once you completed your CASPer it just gets sent out to be scored
  7. I'm applying now and they all seem to check out actually. Maybe you were looking at the list before it was updated for the year?
  8. I think overall it's not bad for your grades, your non academics are great so it'll help make you stand out as well!
  9. A lot of schools do tend to weigh on GPA heavily, BUT keep in mind that they look at the whole application overall, so with your background involved (volunteering, extracurriculars) just focus on bringing out the best application possible by focusing on strengthening other areas, your personal statement, sketches, etc.
  10. States easier to get into, but Canada you save so much more money.
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