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  1. Thanks for this post! I needed help with preparing for interviews
  2. The cycle has already opened and they are on rolling admissions, so submit your application as early as possible!
  3. Look up hospitals close to you, small clinics, etc.
  4. I recommend consider just applying to schools that only look at your last two years, you are right that post baccs and SMPs aren't looked at greatly in Canada. Good luck!
  5. You got this ! Congrats on med school
  6. Advice for choosing schools - make sure you apply to schools where you have completed the prereqs, and also if you haven't taken the MCAT do apply to schools that don't require the MCAT. Apply to schools where your GPA and MCAT fall within the average accepted ranges of GPA and MCAT scores of students who have gotten into your prefered schools. You can find these statistics on the official university website or the official MSAR website.
  7. Totally normal to feel nervous and stressed! But you will see that you will meet many students who share the same interests and passion with you and you! No one will care about how old you are Keep your chin up and enjoy yourself.
  8. It'll be harder since its timed but I guess you an to get main ideas/points!
  9. I hate tests like these, always makes me stressed especially since its timed and worried if I got my thoughts across D:
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