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  1. Has anybody who was unofficially accepted to Dal PT gotten their official acceptance from the Registrar yet?
  2. Rough to hear this. I know they're doing their best in a difficult situation but it does seem like it maybe speaks to a lack of organization on behalf of the program/school, which I find slightly concerning.
  3. Has anyone gotten any word back from uOttawa? No email, it's blank on ORPAS and still says the same thing it's said since feb on the uOttawa login site: Appplication Under Evaluation. Not sure if this just means I didn't get in - someone told me that uOttawa sends emails late but still...
  4. Whoa. I never thought I would be one of the people who got rejected because of Casper - I thought it would help me, I love ethical dilemma type questions. There was one Casper question that I felt I didn't do well on because the ethical dilemma just didn't really make sense to me. But otherwise I would never thought I would have been < 1.0 std devs from average. Such a bummer. It seems like if they're going to filter based on that they should just tell you as soon as your do Casper that you're not going to get in so that you don't have to just hand over hundreds of extra dollars for your application that never even had a shot to begin with.
  5. Yep I got it in the mail today, and that's what they do say on their website: "First Week of April 2019: Emails will be sent to students receiving an invitation to write the CAP (admission entrance exam), and letters will be mailed to unsuccessful applicants. " (from https://www.physicaltherapy.utoronto.ca/admissions/how-to-apply/important-dates/). It seems like they sent all emails and letters out on Friday but letters take longer obviously (I live in Toronto and inter-Toronto mail takes 2 business days so this is exactly when I should have received it). So if you didn't get an acceptance yet I'm sorry but I think that there isn't much hope.
  6. Edit/update: just got home to my rejection letter. I think it will maybe take another day or two for those of you outside Toronto but the rejections do get mailed out. Sorry to say that based on my extensive looking through forums etc I haven't heard of any CAP waitlist so I think those of us that didn't get an invite to the CAP on Friday have been rejected and should expect a letter soon if they haven't gotten one already. It's pretty depressing though that the cutoff must have gone up to a 3.83 - I assumed the introduction of Casper would bring it down, but instead it went up again!
  7. Just found out via this forum that the U of T CAP invites went out on Friday. If anyone receives/has received a CAP invite after/since March 29th, please post! I want to know if they will still continue sending out invites this week or whether my chances and completely shot. My sGPA was 3.82 and I saw someone post that they got an invite with a 3.83 so I feel like I must be just around the cutoff. Trying to stay hopeful. Does anyone know from previous years: if people don't accept the CAP invitation, do their spots get reallocated to other applicants?
  8. I'm sad to say that I just got my rejection saying I wasn't invited to interview. I'm so bummed! I actually didn't even consider the idea that I wouldn't make it to the interview stage - I just assumed I would at least get that far but that I might not make it in. @PPTTT are you OOP too? Can I ask what your GPA was like?
  9. I heard from someone who applied last year that the invites for Dal interviews last year went out at the end of March - so hopefully we should hear soon! I'm also an Ontario student. Interviews would be mid to late April.
  10. Applied: U of T, uOttawa, Dalhousie (all PT)Accepted:Waitlisted:Rejected:GPA: c-gpa 3.33 and s-gpa 3.82Perceived strength of essays/interviews/references: Casper - felt like I did decently well but honestly who knows. Academic References (for U of T and Dal) pretty good - Personal Reference (U of T only) was great. Volunteering etc: I am a yoga instructor and have done volunteering with clients with physical and mental disabilities in that context. So far, I have only heard back from uOttawa - and will be interviewing next week!
  11. Hi! I'll also be there for interviews at UOttawa! I don't have any tips (in fact i myself am also looking for tips). But I was curious if anyone knows if the questions we can expect will be more general MMI or whether we should expect them to be more physiotherapy specific? Thanks to anyone who responds!
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