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  1. Thank you for telling me that there's hope! Is there any chances that they'll share your Casper score with you? I applied 2 years ago and never knew how I did on Casper.
  2. Just got my MCAT retake back and want to see what people see my chances are: GPA: 3.80 CARS: 128 IP Thanks!
  3. I'm in the exact same situation. I am even thinking about moving to BC for work and then apply the next round. Have anyone tried that?
  4. Hey I am in a really similar situation here! I am ~ 87% aGPA at UBC and 513 for MCAT. I was about to send a thread to ask but then see yours I am also worried if my GPA will make it difficult to get an invite. TBH didn't see any OOP stats like this in the Invite/Regret post for last round... I will still apply this round. I think the good thing for UBC is that the process is not that different from OMSAS (need verifiers, descriptions, etc.) and we don't need to contact referees if we didn't get an interview invite.
  5. This recap is the first time I heard that they have a cutoff GPA for every cycle (sorry I guess it's my lack of information). Well that's discouraging. Anyone has an idea what the usual cutoff is? And are there separate cutoffs for undergrad and grad applicants? ---------- Edit: I found the answer for the latter part in this post. Seems that there are separate cut offs for undergrad and grad applicants.
  6. That's a great idea! I realized my chances are not as great for Western, Queens, and McMaster because of my CARS, so I planned to rewrite MCAT in August after seeing your reply. Thank you very much for sharing your thoughts!
  7. Do anyone have an idea if they will include CR courses into these 2 FCE? If I have 2 credits of CR courses, I won't be able to remove any bad grades at all? (That starts to worry me a great deal...)
  8. Wow that's amazing! Congratulations! I guess no matter what I will definitely take a shot again this year. I feel that UofT emphasized GPAs and MCATs much less compared to the other Ontario med schools (since they cut people off before seeing their CV). Thank you so much for sharing your experience - It's really reassuring to see this!
  9. Thank you for your input! I would definitely write the explanatory letter and hopefully that will be approved. It does beat me a bit when I see the new policy coming up and that I couldn't quality wGPA at all, but I guess I am not the only one affected by it
  10. Hey Everyone! Really need some inputs here. I have so much self-doubts and not sure if I should even apply this round. I applied in 2018 at 3rd year undergrad. Didn't get an interview so I got into a MSc (currently finishing the 1st year). I do have more ECs and research experience now compared to last time, but still I don't think they would be impressive. Plus with the new wGPA policy I won't be eligible because I finished undergrad in 3.5 years (not full FCE in last year). My cGPA: 3.79. (I probability would write explanatory letter, if accepter the wGPA should be 3.83) MCAT: 513 (128, 125, 130, 130) EC: some research (2 co-author paper under review, 1 first-author review paper under review, no presentation), some lab volunteering in undergrad,;distress center volunteer for over a year, some club executive, some mental health advocate club, hospital volunteer over 1 year; primary school teaching assistant, summer camp counsellor (those are short-term, a few months), and part-time jobs Referee: 2 profs (one is my Master's supervisor, another is the prof at my volunteered lab undergrad), 1 from distress center (probably not knowing me too much, but is the best non-academic reference I can think of) I am feeling quite low self-esteem right now seeing the stats and the accept/reject thread. Also got friends with perfect application (I feel) not getting in. Really want to stay in Toronto and get in UofT Med. Thanks to anyone who is reading this and any feedback will be really helpful!
  11. TIME STAMP: March 18th 2:36 PM Result: Regret wGPA: 3.79 on OMSAS MCAT: met cutoffs ECs: not very impressive I will say, no publications, some clinical volunteers Essays: did it in one week Year: 4th Geography: OOP Not surprised not too sad. Glad it is finally over anyway. I would really prefer receiving this earlier.
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