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  1. Thanks for the reponse, you are probably right. Though I just know if I don't get in again next year I'll regret not taking it.
  2. Currently I have taken the MCAT once and scored a 513 with the section CPB: 130, CARS: 128, BBS: 128 and PSB:127. I only took the exam once, studied for about 4 weeks before, actually almost fell asleep during the last Psych section (I did not sleep well the night before), and didn't do any CARS practice beforehand . I got rejected from the 4 schools I applied to this year as a 3rd year applicant. I know my application will be stronger next year because my GPA will be better (3.7 in first year, then 4.0 since then),I've won two major awards, will have completed an extra year of research experience, added a few volunteering positions. If you were in my shoes, would you take the MCAT again? I know I could do better and really want to get that CARS score up, but I have a full time job this summer so I won't have too much time to study and would rather not drop $400, or risk getting a worse score. Any insight on retaking the MCAT would be of great help!
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