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  1. Won't affect your chances for Queen's or Western. Might affect for Ottawa. Still in the competitive range for Mac. If you took a full course load during every year, this course will be completely disregarded by Toronto. And as far as I know, ON schools don't care about trends. So don't freak out.
  2. metacarpal

    Feeling alone in med school

    Maybe this depends on the med school as well, I would guess Queen's and Western which have a more elitist atmosphere, would present these issues.
  3. metacarpal

    GPA dilemma

    Every single undergraduate course that shows up on a transcript
  4. metacarpal

    McGill vs U of T Life Sciences

    As stated above, neither. Go to the easiest possible school, they don't care about school reputation in Canada. Having said that, McMaster Health Science is the number one program for med admissions in Canada.
  5. Competitive for most ON schools. UofT will depend on whether you're eligible for their weighting
  6. Is it common for them to contact the people who write your reference letters as well? Verifiers make sense because the school might want to make sure that amazing EC that got you an interview is, in fact, legit, but the people who wrote your letter already said everything they had to say in the letter, no?
  7. If med is something you're determined to do, then you might want to consider doing a second undergrad, just because you fall below the GPA cut-offs for every school in ON, with the exception of UofT. But if your GPA is 3.2 using their weighting, that wouldn't be considered competitive for graduate applicants either. Can't speak about schools outside of ON, as I'm not familiar with how they calculate GPA.
  8. metacarpal

    8 week cap announcement

    To match in the US, are you required to do US electives?
  9. In Ontario, all of them only use undergraduate GPA. While your GPA is likely to remain a deal breaker for UofT and McMaster, if you were to go back to undergrad for an extra 2-3 years you could meet the GPA requirements for Ottawa, Queen's and Western. Sorry OP, but without redoing part of undergrad, the 2.9 falls below cutoffs for every school in Ontario.
  10. I actually think there is a contradiction. The question in the second screenshot is if the grad degree will increase the chances of acceptance, for which the answer is a clear "no". But then they mention the bonus points which theoretically would increase one's chances compared to no grad degree...
  11. According to their own website, that GPA would be considered competitive for graduate applicants, but I'm assuming your graduate CV would need to be very solid...
  12. I hate that as well, they could at least try to balance things out a bit by increasing their MCAT cutoffs which are pretty low, or using the MCAT competitively. That could help some people make up for a "weaker" GPA.
  13. metacarpal

    Class Size?

    I think I read on their website that they also allocate a max. of 5 additional spots for members of the armed forces. So you're probably looking at a class size between 100-110 depending on how many of those extra seats are filled. Last year I think it was 104.