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  1. Hi everyone I’m so sorry if this is repetitive in any way! My plan this year is to worry about the MCAT and then apply to the small range of schools that I would be competitive at. However, in thinking about future application cycles, I’m looking for some guidance regarding prerequisite courses in order to become eligible to apply to Ottawa and UBC. I’m posting in this section of the forum because I am a non-traditional student. I’ve taken two semesters each of introductory biology and chemistry in university, both with labs. I’ve also taken one semester of anatomy (no lab), a full year of physiology (no lab), one semester of pathophysiology, research methods courses, two different statistics courses, and a semester of microbiology. My plan is to register for prerequisite courses such as organic chemistry (to be able to apply to Ottawa) and English (to be able to apply to UBC). I’m also considering potentially applying to American medical schools in the future, but there’s just so many medical schools there...I don’t even know where to start in terms of prerequisites. Is there anything that I should plan to add to my list of prerequisites? And would taking prerequisite courses through Athabasca be acceptable? I’m so sorry this post is so lengthy. Thank you for reading it, I appreciate it.
  2. Yeah, it was 10 courses per year for those last two years and it was all letter graded (no pass fail courses during the academic year, only a few during summer semesters)
  3. Okay thank you so much for your response! I’m currently studying my butt off for the MCAT, it’s been a couple of years since I’ve been out of school and I’ve never taken Physics so I started studying pretty early (November-ish).
  4. Okay thank you! This gives me hope haha
  5. I graduated from Dalhousie with my Nursing degree and absolutely loved that school so much. I would have stayed in NS but moved back home because I was offered a job at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and it was really hard to turn down that offer. Anyway, I’ve grown a ton as a nurse and even decided that I wanted to go to medical school earlier this year. It would be amazing to go back to Dal. However, I’m obviously not in province. I genuinely feel a strong connection to the Maritimes; while I went to high school in Ontario (mostly grew up here) I have the majority of my family in Nova Scotia and visit quite frequently. I’m wondering if it would be worth it to move to become IP or if I have a chance as an out of province applicant? My final 2 year gpa is 3.95 and I’m writing my MCAT this summer (before the cut off). I have a lot of neonatal ICU nursing experience, was a peer mentor at various points throughout undergrad, and have been trying really hard to gain volunteer experience within my community all year. Given that I never really planned on going into medicine, I don’t really have any research experience but I will most definitely consider it for the following application cycle (because I’m willing to apply like 5 times if I have to lol). thank you
  6. I had a couple of pass/fail courses taken in the summer. Other than that everything was graded. I did 5 years because I obviously needed to bring my GPA up, which worked out for me, and also I didn’t get into nursing right away. Also yeah, year three was a full course load
  7. 1st year - 2.00 2nd year - 3.4 3rd year - 3.85 4th year - 3.90 5th year - 4.00
  8. There were 0 pass / fail courses, all work was graded on a letter based system. Also I’m dropping my hours starting April 1st, so I have that already sorted out. I guess I realized that I was really just worried about extracurriculars. I was finding it pretty tough to work and study and do anything else on top of that. I have no research experience. I’m just hoping that having over 4000 hours of direct patient care will benefit me in some way. I’m just trying to focus on the MCAT for now and volunteer more once I drop my hours. In terms of Ottawa, I haven’t taken organic chemistry so I will consider that for next year.
  9. I’ve thought long and hard about making the decision to apply to medical school. Some days I feel pretty confident. Other days I find myself overanalyzing everything, like today. I’m currently 26 with two years of experience as an ICU nurse. I work full time. I don’t have a picture perfect cumulative GPA, but my final two year (full course load) GPA is a 3.95. I’m looking for some help formulating some sort of game plan. My cumulative GPA isn’t competitive. Would it be worth it to go back to school to up my GPA? Or would full time work experience be more beneficial? I’m also finding it kind of tough to broaden my extracurriculars as I’m working full time and trying to study for the MCAT. Any advice on that matter would be appreciated. Does working as nurse count for something in terms of extracurriculars? I’m sorry if this post is repetitive. I just feel like I have no idea if I’m even on the right track sometimes.
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