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    McMaster Global Health Msc

    Hey everyone! I have a few questions about the MSc Global Health program, did anyone here end up accepting and enrolling? Did you feel it was a good program? Wondering if people often make it off the waitlist? Do they release how many applicants are on the waitlist? Would you guys mind sharing your stats to get an idea of what they are looking for? Felt pretty good about my application until reading on here that there seems to be a high number of extremely qualified applicants who use the program as a stepping stone to medical school. Anyone able to provide more insight into the application process? Based on other threads, there seems to be multiple rounds of offers? First coming out early May, second coming towards the end of May, is this correct? I've also read that students seem to visit the admissions office to make a personal connection.. feeling discouraged as a student who lives in the opposite end of the country. Does this really make a difference? Do they seem to be biased towards Ontario residents, or those already studying at McMaster? Thanks!
  2. Hey guys! Just wanted to make a waitlist thread so we could get an idea of how many people have been placed on the waitlist this year and track any waitlist movement. I am a first time IP applicant who received a WL email at ~11:20am. Really hoping we'll see some movement over the next few weeks.. I've heard of one rumored deferral so far so fingers crossed!