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  1. Thanks that's great advice and probably something I was lacking. I read mine again and I did seem to emphasize WHY I wanted to be a physician and less of why I think I will make a good one.
  2. Thanks for the advice! Did you find that you ended up talking about specific situations you found yourself in while you were working/volunteering or did you more generally discuss your experiences, what they involved, and the skills you gained from them?
  3. Hey guys I was just looking for some general personal statement advice from someone who has gotten a good score on it in previous years since last cycle it was the lowest part of my application. I thought I did good covering all the qualities that Dalhousie outlines should be covered in the letter, and I did I good job interweaving how my experiences have helped build these qualities using concrete examples and stories. The only thing I can think of is that it probably didn't feel all that unique. The way I formatted it was: in this position I learned this, and this is why it's relevant to medicine which then led me to explore this type of opportunity etc. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Current wait listed NS applicant it's my first cycle applying. Kind of a stupid questions but does anyone know how late they continue to accept people? Are the vast majority of spots filled or can we expect more acceptances through June, July, and August?
  5. Made peace with the wait list. Put one foot in front of the other with work and life and accept some things are beyond anyone's control. But seriously it sucks just waiting.
  6. That's what I originally thought but it how can it be that people with a higher score are still wait listed? There was a thread on here somewhere that explained that for the wait list you compete within your province for the remaining seats. I really have no idea though just trying to work it out.
  7. Dang mine is ~69.8 NS applicant I wonder if they have a different wait lists for each province that they go by.
  8. Congrats on the acceptance. In what way would you say you took a risk on your essay out of curiosity?
  9. In province overall score 69.84, 30/40 interview and an 18.84 essay section. Seems close to the accepted score, hopefully near the top of the wait list who knows though I've only seen one other in province wait listed score (71 I think).
  10. Saw "dal office of admissions" and "you're invited" and had a heart attack. Can I sue?
  11. It's the not knowing. Accept me or reject me but FOR GODS SAKE TELL ME
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