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  1. Hi , im currently taking a prerequisite at Athabasca and they have cancelled all exams that are not online. Im not sure how long this situation will last, anyone know what Ottawa u will do?
  2. I honestly have no idea, are they counting md-phd and international and the cegep students in the 152? If anyone has more info please clarify!
  3. Hi! Did u guys have the site selection tab appear on minerva after the mmi with an upload button?
  4. anyone who applied to uottawa is able to see anything?
  5. oh okay! Do you have a date for med too ?
  6. She said wont be released until Wednesday, that does not mean it's gonna be released on Wednesday... So just wait and see, might be Thursday or Friday
  7. Just a question im just wondering If the guy actually put in work for his research with his dad because he is interested by the profession. Why wouldn't his dad take him as a research assistant If he's doing the work required? But I do agree that him making a whole article telling premed's not to do research is idiotic.
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