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  1. Not sure how well known this resource is, but its free and I highly recommend you use it to see eligible schools, and everything about them including fees and deadlines. https://en.onboardmd.com Sadly I found out about it after I got accepted.
  2. Yeah. They may change the ranges this coming year slightly, so perhaps a 507 would be either a 7 or an 8/10. Yeah like Frederick said, the OOP maritime connection essay is vital for OOP acceptance from my understanding.
  3. They are assessed competitively. A total of 10 points out of 100 for the application. A 508-511 is 8/10 points, I believe a 512-516 is 9/10 and a 517+ is 10/10. In terms of individually looked at your CARS score, they don’t assess it to my understanding. You can get in with a 124 in CARS, provided your other section scores are good/high.
  4. With RBC, yes. It’s new. It is available to you at prime-0.25 as long as you have a medical license.
  5. I also scored very high on this section as well. So here’s my two cents. I’m not sure I would call the format I used a “story”, but more of a narrative. I wasn’t one of those students that had a life-changing moment where they realized medicine is what they wanted to pursue. My journey towards medicine developed over time, through a variety of different experiences. I used my narrative to talk about how that happened, and what each one of those experiences gave me in terms of knowledge/skills, but more importantly, how that will make me a better physician. Remember that the over-arching goal of this personal statement is not only why you want to be a doctor, but to demonstrate to the admissions committee that you will make an excellent physician, and your narrative of your experiences should demonstrate that.
  6. Yeah the college emailed me back yesterday and said they received my email, so maybe it is being processed now? I’ll check my junk folders. Yeah I sent of Doctor’s NS a long time ago and haven’t heard anything yet either. Yeah I did the same thing and tried to apply for CMA, but you need to be signed up and a member of your provincial organization first, but you can’t sign up with CMA until you get the Dal student code during O-week, as I was told by CMA.
  7. Has anyone actually received notification that they’re now a member for either of these two groups? I’ve sent applications off, but have heard nothing for well over a month or so now. Confused.
  8. Thank you... My rep is taking forever. Said to give two weeks, it’s now over 3 weeks. Like it takes 3 weeks to file some papers for the bank to make thousands off me? Just ridiculous tbh. Like I’m pretty sure I’m waiting to sign final papers. I get a response via email after like 4-5 days of waiting. I’d like to have my finances and accounts organized ASAP.
  9. See the link. Just announced today. Four sets added for this years September Start, another 12 next year https://www.dal.ca/news/2019/08/09/province-invests-in-16-additional-undergraduate-medical-student-.html
  10. No you cannot. I was told that if you have an LOC with Scotia lets say, and then want one at RBC, they will simply move the LOC from Scotia to RBC and ensure any balances owing to Scotia remain. Like if you had a 300k LOC with scotia, used 50k, and switched to RBC, then RBC will give you their LOC max minus 50k, and you still owe scotia the 50k+interest payments. I asked this question to a Scotia advisor a few weeks ago.
  11. Hey. So my application with RBC is currently “pending”. Here’s what they offered me as of mid-July 2019. Forever Free VIP banking. RBC platinum Avion Card with 45,000 bonus points (The value of this is between 450-900$ depending on whether you redeem them as gift cards or for flights, respectively. All fees waived for this card indefinitely. Go to https://www.rbcrewards.com/#!/index for the point-value stuff. The LOC is 350,000 at Prime -0.25%. The LOC doesn’t convert to a loan, unless you want it to, after residency. They changed it this year to no longer have a grace period of 24 months to start paying it back. Now, you have the LOC at Prime-0.25% for as long as you have a medical license, so you can take however long you want to pay it off which is nice to have that option but I would still pay back as soon as you can I was not given the free iPad, because apparently Med students get “too much already”... but on another post, someone said that you’ll likely get it anyways once you fulfill the two requirements with your VIP account to get one (like a bill payment over 50$ and pre-authorized payment setup or something along those lines). It’s also good to mention that if the banks raise LOCs to 375k or 400k in the next few years, you can see your advisor and get that money added to yours as well. No harm in having it. And to my knowledge the “forever” means you need to have a medical license. Hope that helps!
  12. Can someone please tell me why it takes >3 weeks for my advisor to process my LOC application? Not trying to be ignorant.
  13. I would contact the Admissions office. I’m not sure if they will still allow you to set up an appointment to view your application and discuss it.
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