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  1. If you’re at Dalhousie for school and you’re from OOP, you’re not considered IP as you’re technically a temporary resident of the province. To be classified as IP, in a nutshell, if you’re parents don’t live in the Maritimes (say they and yourself are from Ontario) and you attended Dal for undergrad whilst parents living in Ontario, then you’d need to live in the Maritimes for 12 entire months not attending school (likely working) prior to the application submission deadline. Its slightly different if you’ve been a full-time student in the same province for 6+ years (see second post above). So if you are finished undergrad now (October) and living back in Ontario, you would not be eligible for IP status NEXT application cycle even if you moved and started working here tomorrow. This is because the applications are due in early September, and that would not have been 12 months. So although it may only seem like living here for 1 year, you have to take into account what month it is. Hopefully thats clear. The whole IP, indep/dep student thing is not crystal clear, at least imo. I’d direct you to contact the admissions office as well.
  2. If you made the cut-off, you will not be notified, only those who didn’t meet the cutoff will be notified. If you did make the cutoff, the next time you’ll get an email from them is for the interviews.
  3. I can tell you all that as long as you can see on AAMC that you’ve released them to Dalhousie before the deadline, you’re fine. Relax Speaking from personal experience.
  4. Chels1267 is correct. You couldn’t put this on your application, unfortunately.
  5. Oh. Well I don’t recall reading that for my cycle. Perhaps thats new? Not sure. If thats the case, then yes I would do as you said, to use your best three years without a doubt. I do specifically recall them weighting the gpa based on credit hours, but maybe they’ve done away with that? Cheers!
  6. So I would be putting in your two most recent years. Keep in mind also that the GPA calculation is not just an average of your avgGPA for those two years. Each individual letter grade is used and weighted in terms of credit hours over those two years, to get a total, of which is divided by the number of grades. Hope that makes sense. So whether its 3.66 or 3.7 really doesn’t matter.
  7. Speaking from experience, I would recommend you utilize the entire 1500 words. I also ensured that all of the 7 spaces were filled. As I had suspected that the majority of other applicants would have filled all 7 in each section. I did struggle to fill some of the spaces mind you, but if you think hard enough, you can put some things in there.
  8. I recall putting only the email of one of mine, as there was no phone number for that person. So I believe both is ideal, but if you don’t have both, you must put at least one.
  9. Here is my timeline this year.. Applied. I had access to my new chequing account the same day I applied I waited 4 weeks exactly to have my LOC approved and I signed the forms that day. I still have no access to my LOC and the interest rate is wrong. The credit card was just shipped, told to wait 10 business days, and no rewards points applied at this moment. Worst experience ever. 100% switching advisors. Regretting this bank already. So altogether, it will be 6 weeks for me to receive a physical credit card and a little less for my LOC.
  10. Not sure how well known this resource is, but its free and I highly recommend you use it to see eligible schools, and everything about them including fees and deadlines. https://en.onboardmd.com Sadly I found out about it after I got accepted.
  11. Yeah. They may change the ranges this coming year slightly, so perhaps a 507 would be either a 7 or an 8/10. Yeah like Frederick said, the OOP maritime connection essay is vital for OOP acceptance from my understanding.
  12. They are assessed competitively. A total of 10 points out of 100 for the application. A 508-511 is 8/10 points, I believe a 512-516 is 9/10 and a 517+ is 10/10. In terms of individually looked at your CARS score, they don’t assess it to my understanding. You can get in with a 124 in CARS, provided your other section scores are good/high.
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