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  1. Which Facebook group are you referring to? The Dalhousie Medicine Class of 2024 is the group you join once formally accepted. This group has nearly all students from the Class of 2023 group, as well as a few class of 2022 members. So the number of members in that group is useless. The only real benefit is to see the “New to the Group” section to see when they might have joined - although this doesn’t necessarily mean they have just gotten in off the WL. Is this clear?
  2. I was thinking you might have. I can understand completely why you’re looking at them numbers.. trust me there! It’s just that they seem a bit off this year, unsure why.
  3. Good point, I will second this. Try not to get hung up on the numbers here. I just finished Med1 at Dal. By looking at the academic timetable where those numbers were pulled from, there are several discrepancies, like class size, different number of people in different classes, etc. Unless they’ve changed it for this year, last year you registered for all Med 1 courses using “block registration” meaning you register for all of the classes with one click. So I’m not sure why there are differing numbers between units (e.g., between Foundations and Host Defence, etc). I can tell you that while Host Defence is quite challenging, there’s no way there is 20 people repeating it. Just out of the question. Med2’s do not take Host Defence, unless they’ve not passed the exam after several iterations, which is very unlikely. Med2 classes are also messed up too. There should be 116 seats available for all Med 2 classes, not 20.. TLDR; Don’t focus on the numbers, they look all messed up. Remain hopeful that the WL will move all.
  4. This is very good news for those on N.S. waitlist. Assuming this person was from N.S, that is. Best of luck all.
  5. Friend of mine got in off the NB waitlist today. Unsure of their score. Just updating for those anxiously waiting Best of luck
  6. Oh right, I’ve mixed them up. I’ll edit the above post to reflect that. Thanks!
  7. Thanks for that, so if you tally those average up, I would suspect, unless they’ve changed the scoring from last year: GPA: 14 points MCAT: 7 or 8 points Supplemental: 22.4 points MMI: 27.6 points For a total of either 71.00 or 72.00 Also, yes I did. I was lower than average on the MMI (which should be re-assuring to you, and others reading this), and one point lower on the GPA. I was much higher on the supplemental. And on par with the MCAT.
  8. You’re welcome! Very difficult to determine how you’ll fair when you talk about Z-scores specifically. Can you, or anyone else, provide the averages for each section?
  9. I don’t believe they would’ve fallen into that pool of applicants, but I couldn’t say with 100% certainty. My score was 71.07, and I believe they had a low 70. They got accepted, then I followed a month later. Hm. I can’t recall. If you’re bored and have the time, I’d go through the Accepted/waitlisted/etc thread at the top of the Dalhousie megathread and browse through it. I know there was a fair amount of NB movement last year. I remember because I was frustrated that the NS one wasn’t moving initially, but the NB did a lot. The NS one moved later on.
  10. I would keep in mind that this can vary year to year dramatically. I cannot recall exactly, but numbers like 65 come to mind? It’s important to mention that you’re total score is not what they use to admit someone off the WL. It’s a good predictor, but it is the Z-score they use - which you cannot calculate without the Standard deviations of each category. I remember last year that someone got in off the NS waitlist with a lower total score than I did. I was extremely confused at first, but then realized it came down to Z-scores. If you’re below the “65” I said above, I wouldn’t nix your chances altogether. You never know how many people will decline or accept another offer, especially with the current pandemic.
  11. Sure. The average for acceptance was 72. I had scored a 71.07, then was placed on the NS WL.
  12. How many OOP seats for the class in general? If so, I believe there are Nine OOP seats, although they upped the capacity this year by 12, so unclear if any of those go to OOP students, I’m betting not, but don’t quote me on that. Unfortunately those statistics I posted don’t break down how many declined by province. If you go back through the forums over the years, the PEI list has moved, just like the others.
  13. Hi all Last year I was pretty sure I wasn’t going to get in once I was waitlisted. I was one of the fortunate ones, and there are a few of us, who got in off the NS waitlist. I wanted to let you all know to have hope, especially if you’re one who is quite high on whichever waitlist you’re on, and even if your a bit farther down on the WL. The waitlist does move. It varies year to year, most of the movement occurs on the out of province waitlist, but other lists definitely move as well. I vividly remember hoping people decline their offers, which may sound odd to some people, but probably not to those on the WL. Below are statistics from the AFMC (https://afmc.ca/sites/default/files/pdf/2020_admission-requirements_EN.pdf) about Dalhousie. Pay attention to the “Offer Declined” section, which tells you how many students got in off the waitlist. I hope this helps many of you ease your minds and remain hopeful. Let me know if you any questions at all.
  14. Not due to COVID-19. They are synonymous emails. No need to worry.
  15. Hang in there everyone! You’ve waited around 4 months this cycle already since interviews. This is just a bump in the road. You’ll be in the class of 2024 soon enough. All hands are on deck for the current classes to my knowledge, organizing how we are going to finish the year online - very challenging with lots of moving parts. Unfortunately we are missing out on all clinical activities for the remainder of the term. We are all suffering, prospective students and current students, but we are in it together.
  16. My references were never contacted and I am now in Med 1 at Dal. They don’t have to be. Keep hope ☺️
  17. Only admissions knows the answer to this. Anything anyone says on here would be speculation. I’d contact them directly.
  18. If you’re at Dalhousie for school and you’re from OOP, you’re not considered IP as you’re technically a temporary resident of the province. To be classified as IP, in a nutshell, if you’re parents don’t live in the Maritimes (say they and yourself are from Ontario) and you attended Dal for undergrad whilst parents living in Ontario, then you’d need to live in the Maritimes for 12 entire months not attending school (likely working) prior to the application submission deadline. Its slightly different if you’ve been a full-time student in the same province for 6+ years (see second post above). So if you are finished undergrad now (October) and living back in Ontario, you would not be eligible for IP status NEXT application cycle even if you moved and started working here tomorrow. This is because the applications are due in early September, and that would not have been 12 months. So although it may only seem like living here for 1 year, you have to take into account what month it is. Hopefully thats clear. The whole IP, indep/dep student thing is not crystal clear, at least imo. I’d direct you to contact the admissions office as well.
  19. If you made the cut-off, you will not be notified, only those who didn’t meet the cutoff will be notified. If you did make the cutoff, the next time you’ll get an email from them is for the interviews.
  20. I can tell you all that as long as you can see on AAMC that you’ve released them to Dalhousie before the deadline, you’re fine. Relax Speaking from personal experience.
  21. Chels1267 is correct. You couldn’t put this on your application, unfortunately.
  22. Oh. Well I don’t recall reading that for my cycle. Perhaps thats new? Not sure. If thats the case, then yes I would do as you said, to use your best three years without a doubt. I do specifically recall them weighting the gpa based on credit hours, but maybe they’ve done away with that? Cheers!
  23. So I would be putting in your two most recent years. Keep in mind also that the GPA calculation is not just an average of your avgGPA for those two years. Each individual letter grade is used and weighted in terms of credit hours over those two years, to get a total, of which is divided by the number of grades. Hope that makes sense. So whether its 3.66 or 3.7 really doesn’t matter.
  24. Speaking from experience, I would recommend you utilize the entire 1500 words. I also ensured that all of the 7 spaces were filled. As I had suspected that the majority of other applicants would have filled all 7 in each section. I did struggle to fill some of the spaces mind you, but if you think hard enough, you can put some things in there.
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