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  1. knoxjax99

    What are my chances of getting in?

    You can also apply to Dalhousie, as they will take your 2 most recent years of undergrad, if you applying whilst entering your fourth year. Your ECs sound good. I would suggest you aim to score 511+ on the MCAT to be competitive. (High CARS too, if you want to go to those Canadian schools where they only care about that).
  2. I'm pretty sure I've seen, on this forum, people accepted as late as July? Might be able to see this if you go back several pages. Class size is usually 110 or so. 92 people have registered for classes. So roughly 18 people are either unsure about whether they are coming or not or have just not gotten to the point of registering for classes yet.
  3. knoxjax99

    NS Waitlist Poll

    Thank you! 9:05 am was when I got the email.
  4. knoxjax99

    NS Waitlist Poll

    Accepted today off the NS Waitlist this morning! I'll 100% be accepting this offer as this was the only school I applied to, and my first time ever applying. GPA: 3.8 MCAT: 511 TOTAL Score: 71.07 out of 100. I do believe I was the highest person on this WL poll? I've heard one other person has been accepted off the NS WL before me, so Good luck to all! Insanely excited to meet the Class of 2023! Pm me if you have detailed questions!
  5. knoxjax99

    NS Waitlist Poll

    Has anyone on this NS poll moved off the WL, since some school have released scores? If so, what was your score?
  6. ^ this. That would likely be a 3.9-4.0 out of 4.0 which would be a 14/15 or a 15/15 on the application scoring. Average this year was 3.9/4.0
  7. May 15th is the Ontario schools, whats on the 25th?
  8. So if you’re “enrolled” then that seat is taken for certain? EDIT: Nevermind, people can drop out once May rolls around. Not sure if those numbers tell you much.
  9. knoxjax99

    NB Waitlist Scores

    Where did you hear about the third? Only two posted on these forums from NB. The other one posted on these forums is 1 from OOP.
  10. knoxjax99

    NS Waitlist Poll

    Pretty sure I'm like 500/2000 of the views on this post lol.
  11. Congratulations! You must be ecstatic! I'm hoping for some NS waitlist movement.
  12. Can someone who was accepted tell me when the last day to reserve your seat was? is it Today?
  13. knoxjax99

    NS Waitlist Poll

    Not that I’m aware of. The link I posted above shows the number who declined in previous years, but it’s the overall pool, not NS specifically.
  14. Yeah I don't understand the Z-scores bit. Typically Z-scores are calc'd from the mean. So someone really close to the average would have a low Z-score, whereas an applicant way higher than the average would have a high Z Score. Likewise, someone far lower than the average would have a high Z score as well. No idea how they use Z scores in their selection..