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  1. So if you’re “enrolled” then that seat is taken for certain? EDIT: Nevermind, people can drop out once May rolls around. Not sure if those numbers tell you much.
  2. knoxjax99

    NB Waitlist Scores

    Where did you hear about the third? Only two posted on these forums from NB. The other one posted on these forums is 1 from OOP.
  3. knoxjax99

    NS Waitlist Poll

    Pretty sure I'm like 500/2000 of the views on this post lol.
  4. Congratulations! You must be ecstatic! I'm hoping for some NS waitlist movement.
  5. Can someone who was accepted tell me when the last day to reserve your seat was? is it Today?
  6. knoxjax99

    NS Waitlist Poll

    Not that I’m aware of. The link I posted above shows the number who declined in previous years, but it’s the overall pool, not NS specifically.
  7. Yeah I don't understand the Z-scores bit. Typically Z-scores are calc'd from the mean. So someone really close to the average would have a low Z-score, whereas an applicant way higher than the average would have a high Z Score. Likewise, someone far lower than the average would have a high Z score as well. No idea how they use Z scores in their selection..
  8. So apparently the accepted applicants weren't given their scores. That's why no one who was accepted is posting here?
  9. Does anyone know how often they will sent out an email/call a person on the waitlist who has been accepted? Like as soon as someone declines do they immediately go and find the next person?
  10. knoxjax99

    NS Waitlist Poll

    Sorry, I misclicked the poll. I am 71.07, so remove 1 person from the 70-70.9 section and add one to the 71-71.9 section.
  11. I was a bit above the average essay and supplemental, and a bit below the average MMI. Any reason why you ask?
  12. According to the thread on NB Waitlist Polling, some people were wait listed in NB with scores much below yours? I'm very confused..
  13. knoxjax99

    NS Waitlist Poll

    http://uoitdcpremed.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/2018-AdmissionRequirements_en.pdf This comes from the AFMC. Check out Dalhousie and the Number of people who decline. Average decline rate across 5 years of ~28 people ; min = 17, max = 38
  14. Good question. They say what pool you were assessed in, but not for the averages.. :/