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  1. Hello,


    I recently matched to Ottawa FM.


    Coming from Quebec, I wonder about many things :

    - In Quebec, there is a limit of 700$ each year for residents to pay for their tuition fees. What is the annual tuition cost fee for residents in Ontario ?

    - Shall I wait for the University of Ottawa to send me informations regarding registration (and its process) with the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario ?


     I feel a bit out of the loop already and feel like I have tons of forms to fill, immunizations to get up to date, etc. I don't want to be last minute and miss deadlines etc.

  2. 1 hour ago, jl233426 said:

    Has anyone had contact with anyone applying to Vascular surgery positions? 


    I applied to both vasc program.

    From my understanding , Manitoba only invited 1 person during first iteration . It was someone who did a rotation there and that person matched to another program.

    I applied to Manitoba just in case they decided to interview more people during 2nd round.. so far haven’t heard back..

    I applied to McMaster as well but haven’t heard back...yet *fingers crossed* . I believe they mentioned their interviews will be done over Skype on the 25th.

    Haven’t heard anyone else getting interviews for these programs yet... so we’ll see what happens

  3. 1 minute ago, 2019CaRMS said:

    This site is probably mostly CMGs and a small particularly paranoid subset of us. Invites can come out as soon as hitting submit (home school CMG family/internal last year) latest invite I heard was 1 week prior to the rank order deadline last year but most of them gave applicants 2-3 weeks prior to ROL deadline.


    This site has a decent number of IMGs if you haven't checked it out


    Anything interesting out of their 50 posts regarding invites not posted here ?

  4. 20 minutes ago, Romioo said:

    I know one who is an IMG with a master degree in EM (4-year program after 6 years medical school) and 10 years experience in EM and ICU departments with good exams' score and Canadian clinical training and yet no invitation for EM IMGs' spots. Some candidates in other forums talking about a conspiracy from the committees to keep those sets for the CMGs. Any comment ????

    Well can CMGs apply to this EM spot after second round if they don't pick an IMG ?


    • Anatomical Pathology:
    • Diagnostic Radiology:  Sherbrooke (March 15)
    • Emergency Medicine:
    • Family Medicine: McGill - Gatineau (March 14)
    • General Pathology:
    • Hematological Pathology:
    • Internal Medicine:
    • Medical Genetics and Genomics:
    • Medical Microbiology:
    • Neurology:
    • Neurology-Pediatric:
    • Neuropathology:
    • Nuclear Medicince:
    • Pediatrics:
    • Psychiatry: Sherbrooke - Moncton (March 15)
    • Public Health and Preventive Medicine:
    • Vascular Surgery:
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