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    JuicyMango reacted to rmorelan in What is the tuition fees for residency in UofOttawa   
    ha get those vaccinations/verifications - ottawa is really sticky about that. 
    I am not sure what it is last year but the year prior when I was there the tuition was 725 so it is extremely likely still in that kind of ball park. 
    They should be sending you everything you need at some point - particularly with respect to CMPA. Always feel free to contact your new program assistant with all your questions!
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    JuicyMango reacted to LittleDaisy in CaRMS 2019- secound iteration   
    How would the IMGs work for the program for +6 months before matching? My understanding is that they will function as a CC3 or CC4 but still need direct supervision by a resident or staff physician? 
    I think that the Canadian government should have done more to protect CMGs matching into residency. The general public has limited understanding of how our health care system works and always blames the government for not taking IMGs or accrediting IMG physicians trained abroad, and constantly sees our rigorous selection of IMG as preventing more doctors working and taking on new patients. How could they when they couldn't find jobs for new CMG grads, or they don't have enough funding for OR or endoscope suites? 
    If the public understands that how much they invest into a CMG's medical school training, how rigorous our selection process is, and yet we still fail to match a lot of our CMGs, they will perhaps understand that the true problem is the distribution of work force and lack of health care funding.
    TLDR: We definitely should advocate for CMGs matching into residency, without a residency spot, the M.D title is useless. Matching in subsequent rounds and next year seems to be more difficult. I am surprised that the provincial government has not added more CMG residency spots, when they know that it has become an important problem. 
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