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  1. Result: Waitlisted (3rd quartile) Site Location: Saskatoon (first choice) Time Stamp: 15/05/2020, 9:32 AM (EST) GPA: % 94 MCAT Score: 520 Location: OOP Degree: Graduating with H.Bsc in June 2020 Interview: Got disconnected several times in my first station which ruined that question for me despite it being the easiest one. Rambled a lot on one other question The other two were strong. Expected the waitlist. Will be declining the waitlist position as I've accepted UWO's offer.
  2. I will be declining my offer/waitlist at UofS should I receive one. OOP
  3. You only need to accept on OMSAS. I've clicked on it on student portal too but it only redirects you to OMSAS eventually.
  4. haha. I thought it was only me who thought it was a really pretty circle If any of you have paid your deposit, does it show on your student portal yet?
  5. After you accept your offer, for a day or so you won't have access to your application but then it goes back to normal and you can request a transcript.
  6. @inkbat I was put on McMaster's waitlist and got admitted to western. I wanted to go to McMaster originally because of the 3 year program (I don't have any financial support and I wanted to be able to graduate faster and spend less). However, I immediately accepted my western's offer because getting in from a waitlist is always a gamble. Sure, you're high waitlisted and the odds are in your favour but what if this year because of the corona situation and McMaster's lottery more people end up accepting their offer to western and the waitlist moves less than ever?The other thing is you don't know where on the high waitlist you are. What if you're the last person on the high waitlist and don't get in because of that? Yes, it's very likely to that you'll get in off western's high waitlist but what if it doesn't happen? Is it worth risking not accepting an offer that gives you a MD and a chance at your dream profession? I agree with what MDwoman has said. Maybe given you situation western can tell you how high you are on the high waitlist and that can shed some more light on the situation. But it's likely that they don't make exceptions. I know you'll make the best of decisions either way given your priorities.
  7. Result: Waitlisted (won't even gamble on 1$ from now on ) Timestamp: 8:17 cGPA: 3.99 CARS: 129 CASPer: I thought it went well. Didn't apply to Ottawa so no way to know for sure. Year: undergrad, will graduate in June 2020. Geography: IP Button: Yes. Have already accepted UWO's offer. Congrats to everyone who's accepted and good luck to the waitlisted.
  8. I don't. I have an offer from western but that also doesn't show on OMSAS yet so IDK!
  9. do you see an offer on oMSAS? I don't even though I see it on student portal
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