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  1. Hello everyone, I'm supposed to write CASPer on OCT 20th, tomorrow. I am thinking of rescheduling it because of my unique situation. I haven't had time to prepare at all for CASPer and I feel like my stats are more competitive for McMaster than for Ottawa. I have applied the past two cycles only to Ottawa (because I hadn't write the MCAT) and was rejected pre-interview. This year I wrote the MCAT and got a 520 (131,129,130,130). My cGPA is 3.98. So if I do well on the CASPER I may get an interview from McMaster and I think I have a good chance for that. Ottawa however doesn't seem to like my application enough to me give an interview based on the past two years and not much has changed GPA wise or ABS wise. I have a lot of research experience and some volunteering/leadership/unique experiences so I would say my ECs is average with above average research experience. My MCAT is just OK for Manitoba. Last year the lowest OOP applicant to receive the offer of admission had 521. What to you guys recommend I do? Should I write the casper as usual in case Ottawa gives me a chance this year or prep more in a month in hopes of McMaster and withdraw from Manitoba and Ottawa? Please let me know and thank you.
  2. Mine isn't up either. Where did you read that about Oct 18th?
  3. Thank you all. I decided to go with playing the piano.
  4. Hello, I appreciate any insight on this. OOP applicant with 3.99 cGPA and unknown MCAT score. I'm having trouble choosing activities to list under the life experiences and achievement section. I've received around 6 academic awards, one of which was worth 6000$ but it was an entrance scholarship. The rest vary in value from 2500$ to 500$. They are given for impressive academic performance and are uncommon. On the other hand, I have an advanced level of performance certification from playing the piano. I have around 2000 hours of hiking as well. Also, I have been a mentor for 2 years to first and second year students. But I have only 20 hours for that. I feel like they took out the awards section because it wasn't that valuable to them, so it's better to include something else. But on the other hand, the entrance award was very unique and given to 1% of the first years. Which activity do you think I should include? Thanks!
  5. I'm in my last year of undergrad. [DELETED]
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