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  1. Mine was called today. OOP and last name starts with N.
  2. Hi all, I'm an OOP applicant. McMaster MMI's got cancelled and so did Calgary's MMI. A few other schools now offer the interviews online. I know Saskatchewan hasn't had even one case of corona yet but given the fact that the interviewees can come from all over the country and even maybe internationally, this MMI may actually be the start of corona in Saskatchewan. Do you guys think it's likely that they cancel the interview or switch to an online panel instead like many other schools? I've already bought my ticket to Saskatoon but can still cancel my hotel reservation. I honestly don't know what to expect.
  3. I agree ^. I really doubt they switch to an online version or else they would've mentioned the possibility. Based on this part of the email: "We are reviewing our admissions process for the incoming Class of 2023 to ensure that all scheduled interviewees will undergo a fair assessment of their application." I think by application, they mean that some part of the submitted material (Casper, GPA, CARS) will be used to determine the admission ranking. I hope they let us know soon though how exactly they make the decision. We are reviewing our admissions process for the incoming Class of 2023 to ensure that all scheduled interviewees will undergo a fair assessment of their application.
  4. I just hope one way or another we all get some closure tomorrow. It's been torture waiting this long because even though you know it gets less and less likely to get an invite at this point; that grain of hope makes so much trouble lol.
  5. Alberta has made it online as far as I know... have they cancelled it now?
  6. There's no way to predict, but if the situation continues to worsen it's likely that they'll either postpone or make it online like UofA or UofC. I think they may be preparing for it while monitoring the situation and deciding as we get closer to the date...
  7. I had my interview on Saturday and was told the same thing. I think you may be overthinking it tbh. To me it just seemed like they may want to write things down to not forget it so they can ask you about it or discuss it with each other later? I don't think it was a test. I did however sometimes worried about them circling those life changing numbers on my answers haha.
  8. So I’ve heard this is very common and expected at US medical schools. Can someone please guide me if I should do it for my interview at Western? I had it on March 7th! Any insights would be appreciated.
  9. Haven’t heard anything either OOP. I think that poster was merely complaining but idk
  10. Status: Regrets Time Stamp: Feb 3, 12:50 EST Location: IP Stream: English MCAT: 520 (131/129/130/130) cGPA/2yr GPA: 4.0 (2 year) Current year: 4th year UG ECs: Lots of research. Some volunteering, some student leadership. Lots of unique long-term activities. oh well!
  11. From 2014-2019 it was always released on January 31st or before. It's so frustrating to have to wait another week...
  12. Interested! Can meet in downtown Toronto or North York!
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