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  1. I will be declining my offer/waitlist at UofS should I receive one. OOP
  2. You only need to accept on OMSAS. I've clicked on it on student portal too but it only redirects you to OMSAS eventually.
  3. haha. I thought it was only me who thought it was a really pretty circle If any of you have paid your deposit, does it show on your student portal yet?
  4. After you accept your offer, for a day or so you won't have access to your application but then it goes back to normal and you can request a transcript.
  5. Result: Waitlisted (won't even gamble on 1$ from now on ) Timestamp: 8:17 cGPA: 3.99 CARS: 129 CASPer: I thought it went well. Didn't apply to Ottawa so no way to know for sure. Year: undergrad, will graduate in June 2020. Geography: IP Button: Yes. Have already accepted UWO's offer. Congrats to everyone who's accepted and good luck to the waitlisted.
  6. I don't. I have an offer from western but that also doesn't show on OMSAS yet so IDK!
  7. do you see an offer on oMSAS? I don't even though I see it on student portal
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