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  1. Thanks and wish you the best, it 's my fourth year.
  2. according to the last year statistics, almost 95 % of CMCs were accepted in residency compared to 15 % of the IMGs. It's clearly written in the CaRMs website that it's better to do elective in the program sites but not mandatory ????. In another word, IMGs need to fight harder to be in the residency
  3. I don't know. It's up to the programs and their descriptions.
  4. I know one who is an IMG with a master degree in EM (4-year program after 6 years medical school) and 10 years experience in EM and ICU departments with good exams' score and Canadian clinical training and yet no invitation for EM IMGs' spots. Some candidates in other forums talking about a conspiracy from the committees to keep those sets for the CMGs. Any comment ????
  5. What is the most important paper in a candidate file that the committee focuses on when reviewing his/her file ( PL, CV....??
  6. This is from CaRMs website: why everyone says three days to go: March 28th, 2019 at 15:00 ET Deadline: rank order lists Applicants must have their rank order list submitted through CaRMS Online by 15:00 ET. This deadline is firm – no rank order lists can be submitted after today. Note: you may modify your submitted list, but you must re-submit the list before the deadline.
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