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  1. The US government does not fund healthcare as it is privatized in the US. The government is not involved in residency it is hospitals/university systems that create residency spots. In the US there are lots of residencies even in smaller cities that are not university affiliated. Can't really compare the two systems on how well they are doing because one is funded by the government (Canada) and one is not (US). In the US IMGs have to do a residency. In Canada IMGs who have done residency else where at least have a pathway to become doctors in some places. Each place has it's pros and cons. And that is not very nice to say that they are doing worse than illiterate people, just because we went to school does not give us a right to be doing better than those who did not go to school. We do not know what their circumstances were to not complete school etc. If you really feel connections help, I say you get making those connections on linkedin, e-mailing people and reaching out! Goodluck
  2. Tell me about it......have u spoken to any sights about when they r sending interviews
  3. Anyone know about Regina FM or Saskatoon for IMGS? When do they give interviews out until?
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