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  1. Hey! I just wanted to say that I can totally see how you're feeling - I was waitlisted as well and went through a whirlwind of emotions. Confusion, relief, sadness, and disappointment in myself. I know that it's easy to jump right to all the reasons it went wrong when your trajectory seemed to be in your favour, but I always like to think of it as a journey and process. You ask yourself if it's something about your personality that all 6 panels have picked up on and deemed you a bad fit - but I think you're being incredibly hard on yourself! Your application was most definitely amazing, and interviewing with a panel for such a short period of time, with different factors coming in, doesn't make you less of an amazing applicant. And if medicine is what you truly want to do in life, this moment and application cycle right here is just what it is - a moment in your journey. You have time to work on your interview skills, work on areas of improvement, and enhance yourself. I know it might seem like it's hopeless right now, but I hope you find it in yourself to self-reflect on your entire journey which has so far led you to so many interviews! As well, I definitely resonant with the whole interview-stats part - that it was the hard part to get to. But at the end of the day it's all just numbers - focus on you and only you! Comparing yourself and your trajectory to numbers and stats do more harm than good, and I've found that detaching myself from that has made me more grateful for opportunities that come my way, and focus on myself. Anyways, I truly hope you decide to re-apply - it might take some more time and work, but I believe you'll get there!
  2. TIME STAMP: 1:29PM March 18th 2019 Interview Date: Apr 7 2019 Result: Interview (MD) cGPA: 3.89 wGPA: 3.96 MCAT: 510 (129/125/128/128) ECs: Internships, research terms (several NSERC-USRAs), 1 first author pub, and various leadership and school involvement roles. I was a bit nervous about my ECs because I'm from a non-science/medical background and felt like the CANMEDs were a bit more difficult to speak about (ie. I had joined some technical engineering teams, work terms that were not at all 'related' to medicine or science). But I got involved in what I enjoyed and seems like it paid off! Essays: Spent several weeks on them and got many friends to review them. Had one current medical student review them as well which was a great perspective! I felt very confident that they reflected who I was as an applicant! Year: 4th year BEng Geography: IP I was very shocked to have received an invite. I applied to two other schools as well and unfortunately my MCAT score was too low. I hope that sharing my stats will help anyone who is in a similar scenario (non-traditional, non-competitive MCAT score). My references I knew were strong, but all had no experience writing reference letters to medical schools so I was nervous about that as well. I'm very grateful that UofT assessed my application holistically and that my other strengths were taken into consideration!